Echo Park Paper: A Walk In The Park

Echo Park Paper is the newest brand of paper to slide across this desk, and I am really getting into it. Their first collection, Sweet Summertime, is based on a digital collection by Crystal Wilkerson (her digital version is available here). This is a practice that can ultimately be great for consumers as they can supplement product with digital product and stretch it farther through hybrid scrapbooking.

They have a second collection released called A Walk In The Park, a collection that I have and have been checking out. I really like this collection a lot. I enjoy that the bright colors are in shades that make them useful with a variety of subjects.

The product itself isn’t especially groundbreaking or unique. In fact looking at the product, some designs remind me of several established companies that I’ve enjoyed for years. Not that this is a bad thing – on the contrary, I really like the designs they’ve come up with. I really like the patterns and the whimsical feel, and it is a solid buy for us scrapbookers because it’s very easy to use and the double-sided papers offer both more classic designs (polka dots, stripes) and then bolder patterns on the opposite side.

While I chose to do a birthday page, any number of uses came to mind for this product.  I have been delighted to find that it’s especially easy to work with, and the quality is outstanding.

My one complaint is that the border stickers are 11″ long, so either they need to be cut creatively, or the end will need to be covered to disguise that it doesn’t fully cover a 12″ sheet of paper.

The banner sticker is a favorite, though I really loved all the pieces on both the shapes and alphabet sticker sheets.

Overall? Aside from the really great sticker sheets the butterfly and the sunshine papers were my very favorites. Oh who am I kidding? This whole collection is great, and you can believe that I’ll be watching out for their next line…

It looks like they’re picking winners.

Note: While they have a website, I find their facebook page to be a better source for images and ideas.

Echo Park Paper can be found at CHA Summer 2010 in booth #2037.

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  1. glee June 21, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    Yummy! Want some!

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