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Digital Designers | Renne Looney

Meet the Designer | I am happy to introduce you to a wonderful digital designer – Renne Looney – the designer behind Forever Joy Designs. I really enjoy Renne’s designs and I hope you enjoy getting to know her!

Renne’s Background | Renne lives in New York City with her husband and two sons, aged 14 and 6. As she describes them, ” The 14-year-old has dragged me, ready or not into the world of teenage life and my 6-year-old keeps me happily grounded in the make-believe world of a little guy.  It’s like I get the best of both worlds!” Renne grew up in Brooklyn and has always been on a quest to add beauty to her surroundings. As a little girl, she can remember spending “the entire day decorating the rocks and pebbles that littered the grass with doodles of flowers and sunny faces and remember looking at all those pretty little bits and feeling immensely happy. It’s funny, because looking back now, it’s almost like that day was a foreshadowing of my life today.”

Renne is a former attorney or more aptly, “a recovering attorney who jumped off the fast track” when her first son was born. “During that time, I fell in love with scrapping and all things memory keeping.” She started in the traditional world of scrapping but describes her discovery of digital scrapbooking this way, “I was blown away! I am the crazy type of scrapper that hoards papers because I can’t bear to part with them – so reusable was an awesome option.” It didn’t take her long to want to turn her digital hobby into a job and pursue design.

Rennee’s Style & Inspiration | Others in the scrapbooking world have described Renne’s designs are fairly traditional. In her words, ” I like to think my designs are a blend of shabby, vintage and a little funky retro. These are things I love, and that style is very much a part of my everyday life.” She is often inspired by color and theme together. ” I can’t design a kit unless I have a name in mind, or an idea I want to express.  Then I try and identify the colors that help convey the spirit of the kit and take it from there.  I love color and pattern blending and you’ll usually find a lot in my kits.”


Renne’s Digital Designs Renne’s designs can be found in her store at OscrapsForever Joy Designs. She usually releases a new kit every Friday and you can find full kits, paper packs, alphabets and embellishments in her store.

Heaven and Nature Sing

Oh Boy! Bundle

Renne’s Design Team | She currently has 19 members on her design team. Occasionally, she will add a new member but is not planning on any new members at the moment. For more information about her team and to see their work, you can visit her team’s page here – Forever Joy Designs Creative Team.

Fun Facts | Renne’s favorite color is cranberry and it makes her feel warm and cozy.  Her favorite food is crabmeat stuffed lobster because it is “decadent but simple.” Yum! As she says, she is “a big foodie!” So it should come as no surprise that her favorite Friday night activity involves something yummy. “There is an AMAZING Buffalo chicken pizza near me – It’s so heavy  you need two hands to hold it.  It’s spicy – but they drizzle it with a creamy blue cheese sauce so it’s an explosion of flavors in your mouth.  I love ordering this and then popping a movie in for the boys and scrapping at the dining room table with half an ear to their antics. It’s great to just unwind from the week as a family!”

True Blue

Where to find Renne | Besides Oscraps, you can find Renne at her website – Forever Joy Designs. You can also find her on Facebook at Facebook/Forever Joy Designs, on Pinterest at Pinterest/Forever Joy Designs and on Twitter at Twitter/Forever Joy Designs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Renne from Forever Joy Designs! If you’d like to suggest a designer for a future column, please let me know at or leave me a comment here.

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Digital Trends | Holiday Templates

Holiday and December Daily albums are hot right now – in both the digital and traditional scrapbooking worlds. There are a bunch of digital templates that I’ve seen recently that would be perfect for a December or holiday album. Let’s go take a look at some of them!

Design House Digital

This is a two-part collaboration by Karen Funk & Crystal Livesay.  Karen designed the products and Crystal designed the templates. The templates are versatile enough that you can modify or flip them a number of ways to document a month of holiday memories.

Peppermint Stick | Part 1 by Karen Funk

Peppermint Stick | Part 2 by Crystal Livesay


Oscraps has a new template bundle that offers 25 digital templates, as well as a front album cover. The designs are clean and simple but can be modified to your heart’s content and even offer numbering for a month-long album.

Sue Cummings’ newest Quick Page would be perfect for a holiday album and its simplicity lends it to a lot of adaptations for a December project.

25 Days till Christmas by Anita’s Designs and pinkpoppypress

 Simply Quick No. 41 by Sue Cummings

 Two Peas in a Bucket

At Two Peas, Baers Garten Designs has bundled four templates together in one package with adorable and whimsical holiday-themed elements.

 Last Christmas Quick Pages by Baers Garten Designs

Designer Digitals

Katie Pertiet’s latest template has space for 12 photos, as well included word art and a circular text path. This would be a great template for capturing photos of the whole family at a holiday gathering or for inclusion in a holiday album.

Ali Edwards’ bundled template kit includes a collection of 12 layered templates, each with a holiday sentiment overlay or word art. This would be a great base for a December Daily project.

 Surrounded by Memories Layered Template by Katie Pertiet

December Daily Template Package Vol. 05 by Ali Edwards

And there you have them – there are so many beautiful December-themed templates available right now in the digital world.  I can’t wait to see more layouts made with these in all the galleries.

From Paper to Digi: Digital designs inspired by pretty paper pages (by Crystal Wilkerson)

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Digital Trends | Thankful Products

It is almost Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and the digital scrapbooking world is more than prepared for all those holiday and gratitude-filled layouts. There are a lot of thankful-themed new digi products available right now. Let’s go take a look at just some of the newest releases.

Designer Digitals

Designer Digitals has two new whimsical digital collections out this week. Katie Pertiet’s kit includes 10 12 x 12 papers, word strip labels, buttons, flowers and a lot more. Her colors are beautiful and traditional – orange brown, red and green. Pattie Knox has also released an adorable new kit. Hers includes both patterned paper and cardstock, cardstock stickers and puffy stickers, along with a bunch of whimsical embellishments – all designed with muted tones of blue, khaki, orange, and green.

Little Pilgrims Mini Kit by Katie Pertiet

Thankful Hearts Mini Kit by Pattie Knox

Two Peas in a Bucket

At Two Peas, Holly Brooke Jones has just released a new set of gratitude-themed stickers. The stickers include traditional Thanksgiving foods, as well as a variety of other stickers, including leaves and a frame. 

Grateful Thoughts Stickers by Holly Brooke Jones


At Oscraps, the “Homestyle Thanks” kit includes beautiful patterned papers, as well as food stickers, family time stickers, buttons, and whole lot more all with a gorgeous mixture of vintage charm and great colors. The “Giving Thanks” mini-kit includes an adorable owl, a thankful banner, five textured papers, and over 10 more fun embellishments.

Homestyle Thanks by Mommyish Graphic Design

Giving Thanks Mini Kit by Boutique Cute Doll

 Design House Digital

At Design House Digital, Robyn Meierotto and Crystal Livesay have collaborated on a funky, modern thankful-themed kit that includes 12 papers and 24 elements. Karla Dudley has also released a gratitude-themed kit. Her release is a collection of thankful word stickers in beautiful muted tones of brown, blue, orange, and red.

So Thankful (Part Two) by Robyn Meierotto & Crystal Livesay

Give Thanks ’12 Stickers by Karla Dudley

And there you are – there are so many beautiful thankful kits available right now in the digital world.  I can’t wait to see more layouts made with these in all the galleries!

Daybreak Scraps footer

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Digital Trends | School Kits

School is starting all across the country and digital designers have been very busy making sure that we have new back-to-school kits. I’m not sure when I’ve seen this many new school collections at one time, and they are all fantastic! Let’s go take a look at just a few of the newest collections.

Designer Digitals

At Designer Digitals, Katie Pertiet has just released two new school-themed collections, one classic bright collection and one for vintage fans. Her “School Mates Kit” includes bright primary colors and loads of fun and whimsical stickers and characters. Her “Lesson Book Kit”  includes an old schoolhouse collection of papers, flowers, frames, labels and oodles of other embellishments. Both of these kits are just part of larger collections that you can find at Designer Digitals.

School Mates Kit by Katie Pertiet

Lesson Book Kit by Katie Pertiet

The Lilypad

At The Lilypad, Lauren Grier has released a fun new kit called “Wake Up!” (our least favorite part of back to school, right?) that includes over 20 papers and lots of fun word art and embellishments.

Wake Up! by Lauren Grier

Two Peas In A Bucket

Baers Garten Designs has released two new back-to-school collections at Two Peas In A Bucket. The “It’s Elementary” Collection includes papers, elements, quick pages, and alphabets. It also includes a gorgeous set of vintage alphabet cards. The “Days of School” collection also includes papers, elements and alphabets with a vintage theme.

It’s Elementary Vintage Cards by Baers Garten Designs

Days of School by Baers Garten


At Oscraps, Charlize Creations also has two new school-themed collections. The “School Sweethearts Kit” includes 10 papers, alphabets and numbers, and almost 50 embellishments in a lovely palette of soft hues. The “Little Bookworm Kit” uses brighter colors and includes 10 papers, an alphabet and almost 60 embellishments. As with the Designer Digitals and Two Peas kits, these kits are just part of a much larger collection.

School Sweethearts Kit by Charlize Creations

Little Bookworm Kit by Charlize Creations

And there you are – there are so many fun and creative school-themed products available right now in the digital world.  I can’t wait to see layouts made with these in all the galleries!

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Digital Trends | Blending

Blending has always been a popular tool for digital scrapbookers. It’s one of those fun techniques that you just can’t do with paper scrapping. Using photoshop or other similar programs, you can blend papers, photos, textures, overlays, brushes and on and on. The possibilities are truly endless. Blendable products are really hot right now. Let’s take a look at just a few of the new digi products that have been released.

Designer Digitals

Katie Pertiet has collection after collection of blendable products at Designer Digitals. She has just released 3 new blending products this week, including vintage journalers with soft edges for easy blending, as well as a blended template that includes snippets of papers and elements. All you have to do is add your photo, paper and some journaling. Her third release is a set of 4 12×12 clipping masks for blending your own papers and photos.

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Digital Trends | 3 x 4 Journaling Cards

As we get closer and closer to the mid-point of the year, Project Life continues to be everywhere. And 3 x 4 digital journaling cards are the hot item right now. New offerings keep the interest level high and there are some great ones this week. Check these out!

Designer Digitals

Designer Digitals has multiple new journaling cards out this week, including releases from Katie Pertiet, Studio Double D, and Cathy Zielske.

Katie’s newest addition to her Rainbow series includes 32 3 x 4 journal cards labeled with the days of the week and adorable stitching.

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