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Getting Organized with the Cricut Machine Tote & Rolling Tote!

If you’ve resolved to get organized, and like to craft on the go with your Cricut machine, Cricut has the answer for you: the Cricut Machine Tote and Cricut Rolling Craft Tote! 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cricut, but all opinions are my own. Some links to are affiliate links that pay this site a commission at no cost to the reader when a purchase is made after a click. 

If you are a craft instructor or like to craft at friends’ homes or events, it means hauling a lot of gear around. If you are a Cricut lover, that means even more gear! This is the gear that I have usually been carrying with me when I go out to teach Cricut classes:

Before Cricut Machine Tote

That’s my purse, a laptop bag, and big open tote bag for all my supplies. That’s a lot of heavy bags to carry, and the open tote bag doesn’t keep things organized (and sometimes falls over and then things fall out). Continue Reading →