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Organization | Pegboard Storage for Crafters

Yesterday, I promised a closer look at one of my most recent additions to my scrap room – my pegboard. So let’s take a look at it!

Scrap Studio Peg BoardMaterials for the project cost me about $60.

The peg board isn’t a standard size – I just measured the areas that I wanted it to cover, and then had it cut to the size I wanted at my local Lowe’s from a large sheet. Since Lowe’s did all the cutting, I didn’t have to do any heavy-duty carpentry. I bought the pegboard already finished white from Lowe’s. That cut down on the work, although the raw brown board would have been cheaper. Continue Reading →


Organization | Tour of My Scrap Room 2014

About a year ago, after spending some time with my scrap space in the kitchen, I decided that it was time to move back into my own space again. I moved back into the spare bedroom that has long been my scrap studio and office. The decision a few years ago to move my office operations into a shared space with my husband meant that this time, the spare bedroom could be devoted solely to my creative work. Rather than just go back to a modification of the previous arrangement, I decided to take the opportunity to redesign the room from the ground up (although making use of a few pieces that I did already have, for economy’s sake).

It took a year start to finish, but finally – Here’s the results!

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Organizing | Martha Stewart for Avery Chalkboard Labels

I love labeling things. If it doesn’t move in my office and craft studio, it pretty much has a label on it – file folders, boxes, everything. Usually I do these labels with my trusty Brother PT-1280 labeler, but those labels, while practical – aren’t exactly lovely to look at. (The PT-1280 isn’t available anymore – the new version is the PTD200.)

So I was excited to find the decorative Martha Stewart Chalkboard labels by Avery at Staples to try out for some highly visible label locations in my office and studio. I need to label the fronts of my Ikea Alex drawers because I can never remember what is in which drawer because they all look so much the same. The labels will also be a help to my husband trying to find stuff in the new office and studio arrangements when he comes home soon. But I didn’t want to ruin the look of the drawers with my ugly functional labelmaker labels.

The chalkboard labels are available in a half dozen different sizes and designs. I bought the flourish ones that are sized 2.5″ x 3.75″ and sold in packs of 12 labels, two to a sheet, for $5.99. You can buy four packs of chalk separately.
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CHA Winter 2013 | Scrapbook Totes by We R Memory Keepers & Everything Mary

Scrapbook totes were not as numerous at CHA Winter 2013 as they were in past years, but at least two manufacturers presented pretty and practical solutions for crafters to store their stashes.

We R Memory Keepers

We R Memory Keepers offered a new “360” spinner wheeled bag and a coordinating shoulder bag.  The teal patterned two-piece set makes a beautiful, classically stylish statement for scrapbookers and other crafters on the go.


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Anatomy of A Scrap Space Design Overhaul, Part 2

Yesterday, I described the problems that had gradually and not-so-gradually developed in my kitchen scrap space to make parts of the space no longer practical for me after a year of using it.

So, after I took a brutal look at all of those facts, I came up with a plan to partially rework the kitchen area, keeping the things that were working – and even expanding on them – and replacing the things that weren’t.

The plan wasn’t radical, but involved a few large changes that will drastically enhance the usability (and long-term flexibility) of the space for my paper crafting needs.

The Overhaul Plan:

A New Drawer Unit: The biggest key to updating the space was to replace the cubes and Cropper Hopper cart with an Ikea Alex drawer unit. The Alex unit looks much nicer for my home decor, and provides a single nice solid work surface for my paper trimmer and die cut machine to sit on.  It also provides tons of nice deep drawer space for all my ink pads and small bottles of things like Stickles and Distress Stain, as well as great storage for all my small embellishments, ribbon, twine and many other supplies. This unit, with the help of an assortment of drawer organizers from Walmart, sucks up product like you wouldn’t believe! It’s greatly enhanced both the appearance and efficiency of my work space – a double win!

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Anatomy of a Scrap Space Design Overhaul, Part 1

About 15 months ago, I finished the creation of my new kitchen scrap space. This moved my scrapbook work area out of the spare room at our house and into the kitchen. Now, for the past few months, I’ve been in the midst of overhauling my original kitchen creation again to fix a variety of problems with it. How can it need an overhaul so fast? I believe that organization is something of a living, breathing process. It’s never really done because we as people are always changing and growing, which means that our organizational needs shift and change as well. What worked a year ago, or even a month ago, can suddenly be unworkable for us today.

So let’s look at what I got right, what stood the test of time, and what I outgrew and got wrong in my original design of the space that I am reworking in this next go-around.

To refresh your memory, here’s a look at what my kitchen scrap space looked like before I started the overhaul:

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