Getting Organized with the Cricut Machine Tote & Rolling Tote!

If you’ve resolved to get organized, and like to craft on the go with your Cricut machine, Cricut has the answer for you: the Cricut Machine Tote and Cricut Rolling Craft Tote! 

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If you are a craft instructor or like to craft at friends’ homes or events, it means hauling a lot of gear around. If you are a Cricut lover, that means even more gear! This is the gear that I have usually been carrying with me when I go out to teach Cricut classes:

Before Cricut Machine Tote

That’s my purse, a laptop bag, and big open tote bag for all my supplies. That’s a lot of heavy bags to carry, and the open tote bag doesn’t keep things organized (and sometimes falls over and then things fall out).

And then of course there’s my machine itself, in its original box. The box isn’t really designed for regular use as a tote. It’s handle isn’t that comfortable to carry. The bulky size is awkward. And it just isn’t meant for that kind of wear and tear.

But with my new Cricut Machine Tote and Cricut Rolling Craft Tote, there’s no more back-breaking bags! Now I can just glide off to class – and I even have a hand free for keys and a coffee!

Getting Organized with Cricut Machine Tote & Cricut Rolling Tote

And not only are the Cricut Rolling Craft Tote and Machine Tote way more convenient than my old mess of bags…they are also a much more stylish way to travel too! These luggage style totes are nice enough to go almost anywhere without looking out of place, whether it is your local craft store or a luxury hotel for an event.

I ultimately chose this beautiful bright raspberry color for my Cricut tote set, but it was definitely a difficult choice. The totes also come in a rich purple, trendy navy, and a sophisticated tweed, all of which are very gorgeous in their own way!

Cricut Machine Tote

The Cricut Machine Tote will fit any of the Cricut cutting machines. The bag features carry handles and a removable shoulder strap for easy carrying, a surprisingly strong magnetic flap closure, and pockets on each end for accessories. And, to pair it with the Cricut Rolling Tote, it has a luggage trolley strap on the back. This allows it to be slid securely over the handle of the rolling bag, just like many travelers do with their regular luggage.

Cricut Machine Tote interior

But the Cricut Machine Tote’s most important feature is inside of it. Here you see the feature that this tote is the only machine tote on the market to offer – the protective padding for the machine. Other bags on the market are either made of just fabric or have only a thin layer of batting or foam. In contrast, the Cricut Machine Tote offers the type of foam inserts typically seen in gear bags for traveling with high level camera gear or other electronics. Now, when I take my precious Cricut Maker outside of its home in my craft studio, I will be protecting it with the same level of care that my dSLR and other electronic items are treated with!

Cricut Machine Tote in use

Most of the time when I am out and about with my Cricut Machine Tote, its home will be on top of the matching Cricut Rolling Craft Tote. It has spinner wheels and a telescoping handle for guiding it. The outside is covered in pockets: two on the back on either side of the telescoping handle, and one on each end. Sturdy handles on each end allow for easily lifting the bag over curbs or into the trunk. And the Rolling Tote has the same kind of magnetic latch as the Machine Tote.

Cricut Rolling Tote

Inside the Cricut Rolling Tote there are some fabulous details. There’s a strap inside the lid that attaches to the handle to hold the lid open for conveniently using the tote at a crop or class. Inside the open lid, you’ll find two clear zip pouches that attach to the lid with hook & loop, for easy grab and use convenience. There’s a laptop compartment for hauling a computer to use with the Cricut machine. And the inside dividers are really nice firm board material. They will remain in place no matter how much or how little is in the tote, to keep the contents organized!

Cricut Rolling Tote open

The front flap of the Cricut Rolling Craft Tote unzips to angle open, giving easier access to the bag’s contents. The laptop compartment will fit a pretty decent sized laptop. This is my 13″ Macbook Air in the pocket. There’s plenty more room for a larger computer.

laptop compartment

The end compartments are sized to hold rolls of vinyl or iron-on. I got 15 total rolls in the two compartments, along with 5 packages sticker paper, and the compartments weren’t really full. The two center compartments can hold 12×12″ and slightly larger items, such as mats and paper packages.

I can’t stress enough how much materials and equipment the Cricut Rolling Craft Tote will absorb. I tried hard to load it up. I got multiple packages of Cricut Cardstock, several packages of specialty papers, 4 mats, an 8×10 wood canvas, two t-shirts, a heavy duty extension cord, and a zip pouch of personal items in and the bag wasn’t even close to full! Plus then there was all the pens and tools I put in the pouches in the lid!

Cricut Rolling Tote loaded

And I hadn’t even touched the outside pockets yet! I did fill one of them with a battery pack and power pack for using my phone with my machine. But I still have three empty pockets!

If you love to take everything but the kitchen sink with you when you craft on the go (don’t we all?)…this is definitely the tote for it!

Cricut Rolling Tote pocket

Pair these totes with the Cricut EasyPress tote, and you have the perfect way to take practically your whole crafting studio on the go almost anywhere!

Get organized, save your back, and look stylish while you do it! What could be better? I am looking forward to my first excursion soon with my Cricut Rolling Craft Tote and Cricut Machine Tote!

Organizing with Cricut

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5 Responses to Getting Organized with the Cricut Machine Tote & Rolling Tote!

  1. Linda S. January 4, 2020 at 8:26 am #

    They are really beautiful and a much better way to move around with my Cricut and supplies.

    • Nancy Nally January 4, 2020 at 4:54 pm #

      I really wasn’t kidding that they are going to save my back! And I will worry so much less now about my machine when hauling it around!

  2. Gab January 6, 2020 at 5:19 am #

    Oh wow this is so pretty

  3. bearclawflower January 16, 2020 at 8:32 am #

    They are so stylish and seem so secure. I must have <3

    • Nancy Nally January 16, 2020 at 8:56 pm #

      I have used mine a few times now and truly do love them! So much easier on the body for hauling all these thing around AND I look awesome! Double win!

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