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For our readers’ convenience, Scrapbook Update now publishes the full text of design team design team calls, with the company name and deadline in the header!

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Surprise! It’s time to select our 2014 Design Team. All applications must be received on or before September 2nd.

We are switching it up a bit this time by asking our designers to specialize in certain areas. See the complete contributor list under “Design Team Specialties”. Here’s everything you need to know…

1. Applicants will be accepted from the Continental US and Canada. Canadian applicants are eligible for all specialities except Club Kits.
2. Selected design team members will be sent SEI products to create projects with, which will be featured on our blog.
3. We encourage all crafters: 3D projects makers, scrap-bookers, card-makers, ANY creative individual to apply. Show us your best work.
4. We expect a 1 year commitment.
5. Design team member’s first projects will be due in October.

1. Send an e-mail with the subject line “Your Name — DT Call” to seiblog{at}shopsei{dot}com. Provide this information in the e-mail: Name, speciality preference (see below), state or province, and blog address (optional). Please do not add any additional information.
2. Attach 5 project images (800 x 800 pixels each or smaller). These images should represent your style and best creative work. Photos REALLY matter!
3. You don’t need to use SEI product in your application projects.

Scrapbooking Club Kit Contributor: We are looking for a crafter who enjoys creating a variety of projects using a select group of products. This designer will receive a Club SEI Scrapbooking kit every other month. Then the designer will use contents of the kit to create, photograph, and submit 4 alternate projects.
Paper-crafting Club Kit Contributor: Same as scrapbooking contributor, except this designer will receive the Club SEI paper-crafting kit.
Card-making Club Kit Contributor: Same as scrapbooking contributor, except this designer will receive the Club SEI card-making kit.
General Paper-crafting Contributor: Applicants should enjoy creating a variety of paper-crafting projects. Examples are: 3D crafts, scrapbooking, cards, home decor, party, and more! This designer will receive a mix of SEI’s new products to create, photograph, and submit 4 projects every other month.
Digital Contributor: This designer should be very familiar and comfortable with creating digital and hybrid projects. We are looking for someone to consistently send 2 projects per month using digital product.
2 Lifestyle Contributors: We are looking for crafters to inspire creativity by making projects for everyday life. Examples include but aren’t limited to: fashion, home decor, kid’s crafts, parties, and gifts. These designers will create 2 projects per month with a variety of SEI’s products, such as Tumble Dye, iron-ons, and paper-crafting supplies.

1. You should receive an e-mail confirming that we received your application within 2 full business days. PLEASE don’t respond to this e-mail, unless to withdraw your application.
2. If you do not receive an e-mail within 2 full business days after applying, contact us at seiblog{at}shopsei{dot}com.
3. Applicants will find out whether or not they have been accepted on or before September 5th.

Good luck everyone! 🙂

[This call was originally posted on the SEI blog.]


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