CHA Summer 2013 | Hot Pick: Pink Paislee

This time around I’m doing something a bit different with the CHA Hot Pick list. Instead of giving the ten Hot Picks to my readers in one huge overwhelming chunk, I’m going to give you one pick per article for each of the ten picks. At the end, I’ll publish a summary list for easy reference of all ten. This will allow me to bring you more information about each of the Hot Picks, and also bring them to you faster!

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So here, in no particular order, is the next hot pick for CHA Summer 2013 (aka Create-n-Connect)…

Pink Paislee

Pink Paislee has long been a favorite of scrapbookers, but they were out on a limb a bit at the summer 2013 show, with a new look that tries to keep the company relevant with changing consumer tastes. As with everything the company has done, the change of design direction was superbly executed.

The company’s previous style was heavily vintage, but their new look is more modern and graphic.

Up first is “Hey Kid,” a bright happy collection full of hip elements like moustaches, glasses, and chevrons:

IMG_8785 IMG_8786 IMG_8787


The collection’s stamp set shows the current change in icon trends taking place from the moustache to eyeglasses (thank goodness):IMG_8789


Although the “Hey Kid” collection is nominally themed for “kid” themed pages, most of these items could be used for a wide variety of projects.

Pink Paislee’s second collection is the complete opposite of its first. “Color Wash” is soft, pastel, and full of gentle brush strokes and loopy script fonts.

Pink Paislee Color Wash Pink Paislee Color Wash Pink Paislee Color Wash

Pink Paislee also had a holiday offering on display in Las Vegas…of their 3 collections, this one was the most in line with the style that they are known for. “Snow Village” is primarily red and light blue, with touches of gold. For a Christmas collection, the touch of green is very light.

Pink Paislee Snow Village

Pink Paislee Snow Village

Pink Paislee Snow Village Pink Paislee Snow Village

All those small patterns and small flat embellishments will be great for holiday card makers…


Pink Paislee also has a new offering that will make pocket scrapbooking fans happy, called “Sentiment Series”. It’s a collection of small stamps and stickers in designs just perfect for your Project Life or other pocket album project!

Pink Paislee Sentiment Series Pink Paislee Sentiment Series

Reinventing a company’s signature style is challenging but Pink Paislee is making a beautiful go of it with their CHA Summer collections. The look seems familiar, but yet definitely different, from the company’s past. Sometimes, change can be good!

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  1. Sandra Bunch August 2, 2013 at 8:29 am #

    I like all of these – great job Pink Paislee!

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