CHA Summer 2013 | Hot Pick: Flea Market by Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper

This time around I’m doing something a bit different with the CHA Hot Pick list. Instead of giving the ten Hot Picks to my readers in one huge overwhelming chunk, I’m going to give you one pick per article for each of the ten picks. At the end, I’ll publish a summary list for easy reference of all ten. This will allow me to bring you more information about each of the Hot Picks, and also bring them to you faster!

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So here, in no particular order, is the next hot pick for CHA Summer 2013 (aka Create-n-Connect)…

Maggie Holmes’ first line for Crate Paper, which debuted at CHA Winter 2013, was an instant hit, and her follow-up release is generating just as much buzz.

Maggie Holmes Paper

“Flea Market” is created from the same color palette as Maggie’s first release, and still in her signature style, which means that the two lines coordinate together beautifully. This is a very popular concept with consumers, who like being able to purchase new product that is an extension of existing product they own, instead of making their existing stash obsolete. Amy Tan, also under the umbrella of the American Crafts conglomerate, is having a lot of success with lines built on this same concept of extension, not reinvention.

Some of the most popular embellishments from the first collection are also back, in new designs. There’s photo overlays, fabric photo frames, and resin flowers, along with another clipboard flip album.

This time the collection comes with one additional touch, that despite the collection’s generally pastel color scheme, will make many of the embellishments appealing to holiday scrapbookers and card makers: gold.

Maggie Holmes letter stickers

In addition to the gold alphabet, the photo overlays are edged in gold, and the stickers have touches of gold as well.

Maggie Holmes Flea Market embellishments

Perhaps the most gorgeous embellishments though are the gold resin flowers!

Maggie Holmes Flea Market cabuchons

The new set of fabric photo frames is absolutely gorgeous and should sell out just as fast as the first set. Maggie Holmes Flea Market embellishments

Then, of course, there’s the uniquely Maggie Holmes signature touches – the vintage retro bows and pins: IMG_8442

Maggie Holmes Flea Market embellishments

 This collection proves Maggie Holmes is a durable brand as a product designer, and personally, after having so much fun with her first collection, I can’t wait to get my hands on this new one!

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  1. Gab August 2, 2013 at 8:45 am #

    Very pretty. And I really like how the same colours have been used this time around

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