Becky Higgins Announces Baby & Childhood Project LIfe Kits

Becky Higgins continued her week of new product announcements last week with announcements of Project Life’s first-ever themed kits. The kits are themed for scrapbooking baby and school memories.

The baby themed Project Life core kits, designed by Clementine core kit graphic designer Lili Niclass, come in three variations. There’s a unisex baby kit, in a yellow and gray palette.


Then, of course, there are ones that are colored for boy and girl baby albums. There is pink and green for the girls, and blue and brown for the boys:



These kits are intended for recording baby’s first year of life, with cards for all the various milestones and topics that are appropriate during that time period. Just like with all of the other Project Life core kits, there are coordinating dividers and patterned paper for the baby kits. The Baby core kits will cost the same as the existing “everyday” core kits.

In a Feedback Tuesday piece posted on her blog today, Becky has promised that when the digital version of the baby kits becomes available in November, that versions of the baby cards that say “Mum” instead of “Mom” will be made available at no charge to those who want them.

For older kids, Becky has a new offering as well: Childhood Mini Kits. The mini kits have just 100 cards, and are designed to cover a single year of a child’s life. The kits consist of  (10) 4×6 Title Cards + (10) 4×6 Journaling Cards + (40) Prompt Cards + (40) Journaling Cards. Like the baby kits, they come in three color versions – unisex, boy, and girl. The Childhood Mini Kits were designed by Lori Whitlock, well known for her designs for companies like Echo Park, Silhouette, and Riley Blake.

Mayfield is the girl version of the Childhood Mini Kit. Filled with trendy turquoise and yellow – and of course pink – the kit is girlie without being soft:

Project Life Mayfield Mini Kit

The boy version, called Bridgeport, is based on brights as well. This kit pairs multiple shades of blue with bright green and orange for its youthful look:

Project Life Childhood Mini Kit Bridgeport

The unisex kit is called Wellington and with its blue, red, and brown color palette, has a very traditional school feel to the design:

Project Life Wellington Childhood Mini Kit

These won’t be the last Mini Kits. Becky indicated that they have plans for many more of these in the future, including a “Holidays” mini kit that will include cards for all the major holidays.

No price has been set yet for the Mini Kits.

The Childhood Mini Kits will not, for now, have coordinating patterned paper available. The Baby kits and the Childhood Mini Kits will also not have coordinating designed albums like the other core kits have (the Olive and Seafoam albums will be unveiled soon), but will instead have coordinating solid color We R Memory Keepers albums.

All of these new kits, both the Baby and Mini Kits, are promised to ship before the end of the year, with a target of late November.

The kits above were pretty much expected announcements, as Becky had indicated previously she was working on baby and school versions of Project Life.  But her video showing off the Mini Kits ended with a classic Steve Jobs style “one more thing”….a sneak peek of Mini Albums that are coming for Project Life!

Becky Higgins Mini Albums Cover Preview

The mini album covers have a pocket that will hold one of the small Project Life cards. Inside, the pages have four pockets, two for 4×6 cards or photos, and two for the small size Project Life cards.

Becky released a few more details about the albums in her Feedback Tuesday today:

There are 20 pages. If you were to pair a Mini Album with a Mini Kit, one layout would look like this: (1) 4×6 Title/Journaling Card + (4) 3×4 Prompt/Journaling Cards + (3) 4×6 photos. So the Mini Kit would provide the exact number of cards you would need to complete a Mini Album, along with (60) 4×6 photos.

Colors, prices, and a release date are still to be determined for the Mini Albums.

These new product announcements greatly broaden the base concept of Project Life, from a single kit system into a more complete ecosystem. It’s an interesting hint at Becky’s plans for the future of Project Life…

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