CHA Summer 2012: Little Yellow Bicycle

I couldn’t go to CHA Summer 2012 without visiting Little Yellow Bicycle!

That’s me, Stephanie, on the right. On the left is Sharon Kropp, the owner of Little Yellow Bicycle. In the middle is my friend Kathryn, who taught classes at the local scrapbook store I worked at years ago. She is assisting at the show and does other work for Little Yellow Bicycle, too. While CHA is a lot of hard work, it also often comes with the fun of running into old friends.

Now, let’s check out a little bit of Little Yellow Bicycle’s new CHA products! These stickers are from their “Makin’ the Grade” line:

Here’s a look at some things from the fall-themed Acorn Hollow line:

Little Yellow Bicycle also has new school, sports, and calendar journaling stickers:

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  1. Gab July 23, 2012 at 3:46 am #

    The school themed stickers look like fun!

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