Provo Craft Issues Statement on MTC, SCAL Lawsuits

Provo Craft today issued a public statement in response to public outcry about its lawsuits against Makes The Cut and Craft Edge over their 3rd party software for Cricut machines.

As previously reported on Scrapbook Update, Provo Craft recently settled its ongoing lawsuit against Makes The Cut. Around the same time, the company filed suit against Craft Edge over their similar Sure Cuts A Lot software.

Consumer response to these lawsuits has been largely less than favorable to Provo Craft, but until now the company has not discussed the matter publicly due to the ongoing litigation in the two lawsuits. Today, however, the company finally issued a statement related to the lawsuits, saying that while it couldn’t comment on specifics of the suits it hoped that “context will help our customers understand why we have taken these steps, and why we believe we are acting in both a fair and ethical manner.”

The company’s position can largely be summed up in a single paragraph from the statement:

As we have invented Cricut products, we have been granted copyright and trademark rights that protect us from, among other things, any company that unlawfully circumvents or ‘hacks’ our security measures for its own financial gain.  We regret that exercising our legal right to protect ourselves from such activity would give any of our customers a reason to be upset with us.  But we also believe that provided the facts, reasonable people will understand that the steps we have taken are legitimate and fair by virtually any standard of law and ethics.

Provo Craft also alluded to the possible fact that it will use the development of Cricut Craft Room in the future to potentially replace the functionality that is being lost by the customers of the 3rd party software companies that it has sued:

…we know that some of our customers want the ability to cut with their Cricut certain images that are not available in the Cricut library.  Many of you know that in April we are releasing the first version of Cricut Craft Room, which is an all-new, free, online design platform for Cricut.  Though this specific feature won’t be available initially, we intend to provide our customers the ability to cut some of their own images in Cricut Craft Room in the future.  Like our customers, we’re passionate about creativity, and we’re committed to providing great products for the crafting community.

[Editor’s Note: Comments on this article have been shut down. We value our community at Scrapbook Update but the tone of the conversation was rapidly becoming less than constructive so we ended the discussion before it degenerated further.]

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35 Responses to Provo Craft Issues Statement on MTC, SCAL Lawsuits

  1. Edie Malin April 6, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    Ok, I held my tongue but now I see so clearly what I believed all along. They are feeding us in drips to make as much money from us as possible. Very good business on their part, but smart consumers will see through it. We may not be able to do much about it, but we will see through it! “Reasonable people will understand”, and I do, but PC, really, even if it is ethical that doesn’t make it right. There was a huge need for the software that Craftedge and then MTC put out. PC refused to put out the software, we begged from the beginning and someone heard and rose to the occasion. The ability was there all along for the Cricut to understand our computers, PC just wouldn’t release the ‘ears’. Craftedge found a way to develop a strong hearing aid, and the Cricut finally could hear our creative voices and cut on demand. PC now says it will give us what we want, ‘in the future’. Well, PC we heard that from the beginning. The very first discussion I had with PC as a retailer I was told the capability was there and it will happen soon. Not soon enough. And now PC wants us to take a giant step backwards and wait for them to milk us out of more money…Hmmm. Sadly, for PC, there are soo many more machines out there now, stronger, faster, more accurate and most of them allow you to cut your own designs..even on materials the cricut can’t touch. I believe PC is seeing the last of the Cricut craze, crafters are, well, crafty!

  2. Christi April 6, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    I don’t understand why people are mad at ProvoCraft/Cricut for protecting their intellectual property. The other companies were illegally accessing that data for THEIR own gain by releasing software to hack the Cricut machines. Just because the consumers want it doesn’t mean they are entitled to that data.

  3. Brenda Pinnick April 6, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    The right to protect intellectual property is the driving force of commerce. Without it, the incentive to invest huge amounts of money or innovation into new product development would be none, then we would see an end to exciting new products. Companies such as ProvoCraft, Sizzix and others would cease to invest those huge dollars if they could no longer protect their right to exploit their own innovation. They are the ones who took the risk and should be able to realize the reward of doing so.

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  4. Chris Carpenter April 6, 2011 at 10:55 am #

    Ok, first of all, it should be allegedly illegally accessing the data. This was not proven as it was settled out of court. They really opened themselves up to a lawsuit by stating that Make the Cut did something illegal. This has never been proven. Basically PC has unlimited funds and attorneys, and so they chose a small company and bullied them into discontinuing the product. Why do other companies not have issue with MTC and are actually encouraging them to develop software that works with their machines? We’re all tired of “in the future” promises that are never forthcoming. That’s why we’re upset. They’re trying to take our freedom, and this country has fought revolutions over this. How dare they tell me what I can do with a product after I purchase it.

  5. Chris Carpenter April 6, 2011 at 11:02 am #

    Oh, and Christi, PC totally missed the point. Your right. Consumers want it. We have been asking for it for years and were ignored. The number one goal in any consumer driven operation should be to keep the consumer happy. They have not, and they continue to make vague promises of future improvements, although they have not met their obligations on previous promises of improvements on products they released in the past. That’s why we’re upset.

  6. kim April 6, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    Forget the issue of the lawsuit. I am just plain tired of waiting for PC to get their products working, keeping their promises of “in the future’, and waiting for them to put out a good product. They come out with something new before they can even get all the issues of the old worked out, I switched to MTC when DS was sorry. The lawsuit only made me switch to different cutter a little sooner than I had anticipated. I am now a PROUD Black Cat Cougar owner and it makes the Cricut looks like a Tinker Toy. If PC had ever delivered on any of their products, I would probably still be in Cricut LA LA Land and happy to be there, but eventually we get too many disappointment, then it turns to anger and then we take our business elsewhere.

    Byb Bye PC. Too many other companies out there who not only want our business, but they work to keep our business.

    • Chris Carpenter April 6, 2011 at 11:57 am #

      Well said, Kim.

      • Darcy April 7, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

        Very well said,Thank You

  7. Dottie Stuart April 6, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    My point on this is that I did choose to Purchase and Expression after great thought. Yes I bought the SCAL for that reason. I wanted to purchase more like a cuttlebug, embossing envelopes, and many others. I did continue to purchase cartridges. Maybe there was a problem. But instead of working the issues out. They decided to close the Case file on it so there is no admitting. Maybe someone should check and see what Consumers are once again purchaseing. I bet its not PC… I want to be able to design and create my own cards, embelishments etc. and this company is limiting me to their products. Funny how the other companys are now scrambling to get this accessible to customers… Huh… duh…

  8. Sharon Shear April 6, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    I think PC should just keep comments about the lawsuit with MTC out of their attempt to gain customer sympathy and loyalty. After all, they used their mega bucks that they received from milking their customers while providing shoddy, unreliable products and support in return for our money.
    The lawsuit settled because MTC is a family owned concern with a great product but not the funds to fight a large company. No wrong doing was determined by a court and I’m certain that MTC would have won if it had gone to court. So where does PC get off still accusing MTC of illegal actiivities after the suit was settled? I think they should just devote their time trying to get their product and services up to par instead of being so “sue-happy”. Shame on you PC!

  9. Lynnscraps April 6, 2011 at 12:19 pm #

    Just so much hype, which PC is good at. MTC was never convicted of anything and it is a wonderful product. As soon as my Expression dies, I will be buying a different brand which will let me do what I want with what I OWN!

  10. VickyR April 6, 2011 at 12:57 pm #

    Sorry, PC your explanation doesn’t “cut it.” The third party vendors didn’t steal your machine design but PC will readily announce that PC will steal the ideas of Makes the Cut and Sure Cuts a Lot. Ethical users see through this ruse.

  11. Kay Hall April 6, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    Nancy, can you confirm that the settlement did stipulate MTC admitting to illegalities as PC asserts in this statement? Also, wasn’t it Pazzles that “invented” the Cricut?
    Protection of intellectual property (PCs copyrighted cartridge images) is one thing, but the right of consumers to use purchased hardware (for which they have signed no license agreement) as they see fit is a completely different issue with much supporting legal precedent (3rd party printer ink, etc.). For that reason, I also question PCs assertion that the charges against MTC and SCAL are similar. There is some overlap with respect to use of trademarks, but really, they are quite different. If they were truly similar, wouldn’t PC have sued Craftedge when SCAL was released?

    • Nancy Nally April 6, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

      The terms of the settlement are confidential and therefore are not public. The joint stipulation document that was filed with the court requesting the conclusion of the case proceedings due to the settlement contained language related to a request for an injunction that was being ordered by the court that said the injunction was to fix the illegal way that the MTC software was created – the implication from that being that MTC was acknowledging guilt. But there is nothing else I know of **in the public record** that explicitly says MTC admitted guilt because the settlement is sealed.

      The SCAL and MTC suits are built on a similar basis – the copyright of the Cricut machine’s operating code. Why they didn’t choose to pursue SCAL when it first came out is anyone’s guess…

      These are complex legal issues. This isn’t about consumers’ right to use the machine as they wish – that’s a red herring. It’s about whether the people creating 3rd party add-ons have violated intellectual property laws in creating those add-ons.

  12. Kay Hall April 6, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    Your point is well taken. The way I read it, the MTC suit was more about the ability to back up cartridge images, whereas the SCAL suit was more about the alleged reverse engineering of CDS. Neither of those addresses the consumer side of the coin.

  13. Kay April 6, 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    So once MTC dropped the ability to back up the cartridges, PC should have dropped the lawsuit.

    • Nancy Nally April 6, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

      The suit against MTC wasn’t only about the reverse engineering of the cartridges. That was one key element of it, but PC had multiple violations it was alleging against MTC. The cartridge thing was just the final straw that finally pushed them over the edge into legal action.

      Even when a company is in the right it is not always in its best interest to sue over a matter. Legal action is expensive and, as we’ve seen right here in the comments on the reports on Scrapbook Update, can result in public opinion that is less than favorable. Companies have to weigh carefully the cost/benefit of pursuing their rights in court.

  14. VickyR April 6, 2011 at 9:57 pm #


    Using your argument regarding third-party add-ons, Microsoft could make a living going to court suing Mozilla, Google Chrome, Adobe Flash, etc. Microsoft doesn’t for many reasons, including that fact that third-party add-ons make the original product more, not less, marketable. If this were not the case, PCs users would prefer to use open-source Linix. The add-ons give consumers additional functionality with vendor support for the original product. As long as the add-on has a novel design (not the original vendor’s design), add-ons are American capitalism at its finest.

    PC appear to be jealous that they were not first to market. If Microsoft and Mozilla can co-exist, so should PC and MTC. I am not an MTC user, but I am against intimidation and the stiffling of American ingenuity.

    • Nancy Nally April 6, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

      Vicky, I think you are confused about the point I was making. I didn’t mean that all 3rd party add-ons are illegal. I meant that the debate here was whether the people creating these specific add-ons violated IP rights in the specific way these add-ons were created.

  15. Vicki April 7, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    Our country was founded on innovation.. Products come out and then people discover ways to enhance them.. if the original company is not in tune with “the next big thing” then someone else beats them to the punch!!
    In my opinion PC knew what its consumer wanted from day one and choose to ignore it. From the beginning they put extra buttons on the cricut and told us in the videos upgrades were coming… We wanted more freedom to design –design studio came out -but was lacking.. they said hold on we are upgrading…but never did…
    Now they are upset because someone else stepped up to the plate and delivered what they couldn’t or what they chose not too??? Shame on PC– consumers and especially loyal crafters can only be patient for so long.. and I think its clear our patience is over.
    I for one have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to PC–There are so many other choices out there for me as a consumer and I have no problem exercising my right of choice.

  16. Driz April 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

    The company that lost the lawsuit should just open the program to the GPL that would totally screw PC over. would be free to the public.

  17. Carol Salter April 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

    I had the old Wishblade, the Xyron came out with a new model and promptly ticked off its customers by not listening to their needs. PC does the exact same thing…they do not listen, and if they do, they don’t care what customers want. PC has many kinds of customers. They first appealed to the person who wanted no computer hook up. Cartridges were fine for them. Then there are those of use who want more than what the cartridges have to offer and are smart enough to know what we want can be downloaded from the internet with the right software…so we pleaded with PC to give us the ability to really be creative. They just didn’t care….heck, they didn’t even come through with a cartridge customers begged for in the beginning…CATS.

    PC does not even know that the two words “customer” and “service” belong in the same sentence. They have dragged their feet over so many different issues, it would take pages to type here. I didn’t purchase the Cricut until PC came out with the Expression and capability to cut 12″ width (well 11″ really…it should have been 12.5 to 13 inches). I bought it with the intention of using SCAL. The day before I was to download SCAL, Andy came out with MTC. I was thrilled with the platform. Thrilled. It was as if this man had listened to EVERYTHING PC customers had asked for and made it magically appear. He continued to tweak it and has an excellent program.

    The lawsuit, as someone on a message board yesterday said, was the straw that broke the camel’s back for so many PC customer’s. They said if PC had given great customer service from the beginning and listened to what we wanted, this lawsuit may have been hurtful, but we could have gotten over it. I agree. PC “scr*wed the pooch” on this one…in a big way.

    The grass roots movement to boycott PC is well under way, more and more people are joining the effort every day and we getting the word out about all the other products that encourage the use of MTC and SCAL. And what we are finding is…most of those other products are FAR superior to anything PC has put out.

    Thanks for your article on this.

    • Jos April 7, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

      ” Then there are those of use who want more than what the cartridges have to offer and are smart enough to know what we want can be downloaded from the internet with the right software”

      I just love how people keep implying that those of us who like to use cartridges are stupid and less creative them then. Thanks for that, but then again, maybe it’s because I drink the kool aide right?
      Such hateful statements are un-called for and demeaning.
      There are many of us who are happy to use a cartridge for a quick image or tittle, why does that make us less creative then you?
      You who made a concious choice to buy a PC machine to use with the software, you who could have bought a machine that was intended to use with the 3rd party software. But we are in the wrong. That is how you come across.
      Maybe you don’t mean to be so condenscending but thats how it is written. You may have issues with PC and thats fine, but enough with insulting those of us who aren’t “smart enough” to use a 3rd party software on a mchine not intended for that use.

      • Rycharn Freeman April 7, 2011 at 11:34 pm #

        Jos, the way I read Carol’s comment, I think you have leapt to an unfair interpretation of what she said. She did not state or imply that cartridge-only Cricut users are not smart. She said that some people want more than the cartridges offer, and that those people are smart enough to find the designs Provo Craft does not offer. The way I read it, Carol’s slam is against Provo Craft’s elitist attitude that the papercrafting world revolves around its flawed cartridge-based business plan.

        Carol’s beef is clearly with Provo Craft, not fellow crafters.

        I will admit that my opinion is more slanted towards Carol’s perspective. I bought my Expression because I wanted to cut shapes I created. I want more control over font selection than Provo Craft offers. That does not mean cartridge lovers aren’t creative. I see it as an entirely different form of creativity. I am continually amazed at the beautiful creations people make using the shapes and fonts that are pre-selected by Provo Craft.

        I have the same perspective on stamping. At first, I hated stamping because the stamps I liked were never the right size or shape for what I wanted to create. I considered stamping too restrictive to my own creativity. I found myself wanting to make my own stamps, catered more to my own needs and preferences. I am just starting to learn to use layers, borders, embellishments, etc. I can take rubber stamps that other people designed, and make them look pretty darn good, incorporating them effectively into my designs. The restrictiveness never was in the stamps; it was in my own mind — my own creative deficiencies.

        I hold nothing against people who are able to take Provo Craft’s limited-but-expanding offerings and make great stuff with them. Still, when I come up with ideas, (Carol’s cats example) I can’t wait around for Provo Craft to come up with a cartridge that fits my need. That’s not saying I am more creative than other people; it’s not saying I am less creative, either. We just have different flavors of creativity.

        I need the ability to cut my own shapes. Thus far, Provo Craft has failed to meet that need. Provo Craft hasn’t offered anything to Mac users like myself. That Provo Craft would seek to destroy the third-party developers who have given me the functionality that Provo Craft itself has failed to provide shows that Provo Craft and I view the Cricut differently. Even if every allegation Provo Craft has made in its lawsuits is fully accurate, Provo Craft has chosen to handle things in the way that least meets my needs as a customer. The Cricut does not meet my needs, and Provo Craft has shown no interest in meeting my needs. I love my Cricut, but I need to move on to a company that is truly committed to meeting the needs of its customers.

  18. Gloria C April 7, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    Actually Pazzles helped them create the Cricut, they didn’t create it ALL themselves. Get your info correct. Stop bashing PC for things that you would of done in their shoes. Do something worthwhile.

  19. Teresa April 7, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Same thing here. Protect your “property” Provocraft and be prepared to lose customers. I’m over you. I just purchased MTC and SCAL and was looking forward to the different things I would be able to cut when I needed them. I have more carts than I can count, but now, I won’t be buying anymore. And my Cuttlebug, well it will cut far more than what PC can supply. Just about any die can go through it. And, it will. I will sell my Cricut now and buy another machine that offers more flexibility. Take your “rights” and lose out on selling any thing else from me. Sometimes we bite our nose right off our face. PC has done that now, because I would have used MTC and/or SCAL, but also have purchased carts…Buh, bye, PC.

  20. Carol Salter April 7, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    “I just love how people keep implying that those of us who like to use cartridges are stupid and less creative them then. Thanks for that, but then again, maybe it’s because I drink the kool aide right?
    Such hateful statements are un-called for and demeaning.”

    Jos, After reading your comment, I realized I did not say what I should have said, and that is that there are many who just want to use a quick cart who are VERY creative, but just prefer to use the cartridge system. I have many very creative friends where that is the case. My words were certainly short of that needed statement. That is not what is in my heart….far from it. However, there is a kinder way to have found out if that is what was actually meant had you just asked, so perhaps you comment “Such hateful statements are un-called for and demeaning.”….could actually be applied to your own way of handling your part of this discussion.

    I was very excited to receive my Cricut E from my family for my birthday/Christmas and have purchased many carts myself and love the ease of use, but because the back of the machine has a USB connection and after purchasing the machine, it does belong to me, I wanted to use a 3rd party software, because PC refused to give MANY of their customers what they had been asking for….ease of use with Design Studio and the ability to use TT Fonts. I jumped at the chance to use MTC….not because I am particularly creative, but because there were so many things I wanted to cut that I could not with just the carts. So sorry you don’t want for us what we want for you. A simple way for both of us to coexist, using the same product.

    • Jos April 7, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

      I am all for creativity, I love to see what people can make, whether it is paper crafts, food, jewlery or fabric, ect.
      My point is, you have a machine that clearly says on the outside of the box, for use with cricut cartridges. If you want to cut different designes then buy a machine that was created with that in mind.
      I have friends with MTC and Scal and they create beautiful works of art. They were surprised it has taken this long for PC to put a stop to it.
      PC has it’s faults for sure, there is no question in my mind on that fact. The Imagine was rushed to the market before the bugs were worked out and still isn’t completly bug free. (No pun intended, lol)
      They do the cartridge release a month or so before they are actually available, they release certain carts and machines to certain retailers when those retailers may not have stores in all of the places where cricut is available. They take to long with some of their updates, ect.
      That said, anytime I have had to call PC (twice) I have had great service and my questions answered.
      I love my E, plan on getting the E2 when it becomes available to my country and will buy the carts that I will use. I don’t feel that PC has mislead me into buying their products as I have done my research.
      Also as a company, remember, it is their decision on what they want to create and release to the public. They know that people want the ability to cut their own designs or download single images, would that benefit us, yes! But until they make the decision to do that then it is up to them if they want to partner with a 3rd party software company. Just because you “can” do something doesn’t make it right. So the arguement of them wanting to “limit, and stiffle” people’s creativity is ridiculous.

      • Carol Salter April 7, 2011 at 11:38 pm #

        Jos, we will just have to agree to disagree. You have your idea of what is “right”….well, to me, right or wrong…PC has ticked off a LOT of people and those people will continue to tell one person, who will continue to tell another person and so on and so on….

        PC shot themselves in the foot. There was plenty of room for everyone to have a small piece of the pie and PC took their pie and went home…I don’t even think they shared any with their “little Cricut Circle” members.

        I, personally, marketed Cricut for them to friends when I got my E…and now, because of what they did to MTC…I’ll forever “unmarket” with much more passion. Grassroots works.

  21. Peggy Batton April 7, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    I am going to weigh in on this subject by stating that I have learned so much from PC. First of all, I have not purchased one single PC product since the mess of the first upgrade of the Gypsy. My Gypsy and cutter was completely frozen for days while Halloween was just a week away and I was in the middle of a preschool project. Shame on me for believing in PC! I learned not to. I had purchased their program Design Studio and was promised that the program would be updated and it would be completely compatible with the Gypsy. Well, once more I learned another lesson… not to believe in PC. Then while on the PC message board, I learned about a software called Sure Cuts A Lot. Yes, I learned it from one of PC’s Bug Guides. She and others were demonstrating projects using the program. This was about two years ago. So I looked into it and purchased it. Loved it. PC had let me down so much with their customer service and poor product line that SCAL was a like a fresh breath of air. Then also on the PC message board I learned there was another software program Make the Cut. I looked into that and was dazzled by its possibilities. Then came the lawsuit….. I learned from PC that they do not care about or need my money. That is ok because since the settlement I have learned about where to purchase other brands of blades, how to restick mats, and that there are many superior cutters on the market. So, I use my Cricut with MTC/SCAL and restick my mats, order blades from someone other than PC. And of course all this voids my warranty. My cricut is 5 or so years old – what warranty is it going to void? Then I learn about the Imagine and hear all the stories of the machines that were returned and then PC replaced the non-working new ones with refurbished ones. Yes, I have learned alot from PC. When my good ole little bug goes to cutter heaven, I will remember the lessons PC has taught me and purchase somewhere else. Thanks PC for the education!

  22. CJ April 7, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    “Don’t limit yourself-cut what you want!™ ” <<–That's Cricut's copyrighted marketing statement.

    They failed to deliver on their marketing promise. Make the Cut delivered.

  23. Disgusted April 7, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    I’m puzzled by all of the defenders. Imagine if you could only use Microsoft on your pc or only Apple apps on your ipads/pods/phones…. The list goes on and on.

    Fact: QK would rather you use their dies in QK machines but PC encouraged and created platforms to use other manufacturers’ dies in their own machines. So they can lure customers away but it’s not ok for others to do to them? Hypocrites. If anything scal and mtc made even more people buy the Cricut. PC should thank them.

    Fact: PC hurt the lss by setting price points then turning around and underselling to the bbs. Liars.

    Fact: See how the whole “scrapbook celebrity” crap was the beginning of the end of the CK heydey, PC has their own elitism thing going with the cricut circle. Stupid. And everyone makes fun of it.

    Whatever. PC is never getting another penny from me again.

  24. Trina April 7, 2011 at 11:53 pm #

    I really like all the fine comments above and this debate. But to us as crafters it does not matter a whit about ProvoCraft’s assertions about code. They put no warning on the box for the Expression one can read prior to purchase that you cannot use it with third party sofware. I had MTC prior to the Expression, and bought my Expression with every intention of using it with MTC to design freely. After all, I reasoned, there is SCAL, and it does it, and there are no problems out there regarding doing so… I also purchased SCAL, but because of the advantages that I perceived in MTC, stuck with it as the developer worked with us to improve it even more. Not my fault PC didn’t have box warnings on their product, but it’s now my problem that my machine is not as useful as I perceived it and up to the standards I feel I was actually promised by the manufacturer when I purchased. For my purposes now, it’s a limited and useless object, I can put a plant in it on my patio! People can argue the legal issues and what PC’s rights are till the cows come home, it will not matter a whit. The proof is in the pudding, watch consumer behvior. PC created enemies by suing MTC because it took away our ability to craft in a way we were and had every right to continue dong, as a result they are losing business and will lose MORE as they create enemies in the SCAL community. We are not causing this loss to PC, we are just reacting to what we perceive was done to us in a protective mode, we lost something, doesn’t anyone take that into consideration? Sure, the people who use carts exclusively are happy, they did not expect anything but what they got, and can continue craft with their machines just as they intended and expected to. What about US, those of us who got their cash gobbled in the mouths of the PC machine and now have a loser machine we paid for? They did this to KEEP cash and gouge more money out of us (on what many would say are false pretenses… Oh, isn’t accepting money on a false pretense and taking money for it deceiving customers defined as fraud?) Well, they thought we would take it with just a little disappointment, as any ‘reasonable’ person would see the correctness of their stance. (I’m reasonable, college eductated, corporate trained, so who is not ‘reasonable’ or wise? Maybe we are MORE wise and reasonable than the average bear, we were reasonable enough to stick through with PC throuh lots of disappointments, what about that was not reasonable?) I see immense greed and posturing to rip off the little guy here. And bottom line, as I said, doesn’t matter to us as users WHAT legal issues exist that are out of our control, we don’t have to apologize or explain our stance to anyone. We feel ripped off, and after being burned, yet again, just won’t buy their products. I don’t see them apologizing to those they sold their machines to with NO warnings on the box, and refunding our money for our machines, do you? So where is the integrity? To me I bought a flawed product, it was sold to me with liminted usefulness and did not conform to my expectations which were PLANTED in me as a consumer by the manufacturer. Now they show no conscience to those of us who admired their product, spent for it, and in addition bought many consumables like Cartridges, etc. to use that machine. They were making money, didn’t deliver, so now they are not going to make any more money from US.Simple, mess me up and I won’t like you. I think PC owes those who wanted to use MTC and SCAL with their machines an aplogy, rather than writing a letter of rationalization to explain how right they are. Returning our money to us for purchases would be more than a nice gesture, and perhaps even legally advisable, or how about at least having a turn in and giving dissatisfied customers part of our money in recognition and acceptance of their responsibility in regards to this customer dissatisfactionl. But instead they keep rationalizing it, taking NO responsiblity for their act, and want US to be reasonable? I ask you, who is it who is really being unreasonable? We purchased based on their promises and did not get what we paid for. And now, with rationalizations and new products, it seems this ‘company’ wants to suck us dry for more money and their gimmicky programs and products. NOPE, no more; once bitten twice shy! Regardless of how ‘RIGHT’ PC may feel, there is such a thing as integrity, honor and morality as well as law. There is such a thing as conscience and honesty. People do things all day long that go just up and under the law to the edge without going over the law that are not crimes, and get away with it, but that does not make their behavior moral acts. I believe what they did to their customers, the ones who expected and expect what I did when they bought is immoral, and lacking in integrity or any sense of responsiblity. It’s a totally take, take attitude with no two way street. And you know, I’ve met a lot of people who are thorough takers and don’t give much of a darned about others in relationships. This is no different, with such people who are takers and never give back, they don’t last long with me and I walk away quickly. Same thing here, I’m kicking PC to the CURB! Considering what has happened here, it would be unreasonable for others and myself NOT to dump them. Karma is a bummer, huh?

  25. Trina April 7, 2011 at 11:56 pm #

    Sorry for all the typos in the above, but you will get the point within the words. Iit’s an eyesight problem, not a lack of brain power.

  26. ronnie April 8, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    well said….