Paperclipping Roundtable – Live from CHA Winter 2010!

The Paperclipping Roundtable crew taped a live episode at CHA Winter 2010! All of our panelists except one were there for a very special episode that was taped in front of a live studio (hotel room) audience.

We talked about all the happenings at CHA…and made a big announcement about the Roundtable panel, too! Our guests were Wendy Smedley of Ella Publishing, and Liz from Tattered Angels.

To listen to this week’s episode, you can click here.

Note: Paperclipping Roundtable is now the number one scrapbooking audio cast on iTunes, and among the top rated of all the hobby audio casts. If you’d like to receive our advertising rates, please contact me via email at scrapbookupdate [at]

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One Response to Paperclipping Roundtable – Live from CHA Winter 2010!

  1. Nancy Grant January 31, 2010 at 2:18 am #

    Congratulations on the success of the Paperclipping Roundtable. I can see why it’s so popular. It was really neat to get to sit in on the taping and I was honored to be a part of the audience. Thanks for inviting me.

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