Is CK Media Ending CKU?

According to well-known designer and CKU instructor Tim Holtz, struggling publisher CK Media may be about to pull the plug on its franchise of CKU educational scrapbook events. Holtz wrote on his blog this week shortly after returning from CKU-Nashville:

anyways, i wanted to fill you in on a little rumor i heard (and trust me when i say that i am not much of a rumor person) but i thought this one was important to share… there is only going to be one more CKU…that’s it…one more and then it’s over…from what i hear…for good… so if you’re thinking about going to one, haven’t ever been to one, or just want that last chance to go to another one, CKU-Provo in August is your last chance.

In recent years, CK Media has been focusing more on its CKC convention events than on CKU events. In 2005, there were 10 CK Conventions, and at least 5 CKU’s (3 CKU’s and 2 CKU-A’s). This year, the schedule includes only two CKU’s, but is loaded with 16 CKC events. Four of these are new cities for the CKC event.

CK Media’ events department has so far not responded to Scrapbook Update’s request for comment on this matter.

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