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Here’s a round-up of useful articles that I’ve read lately:

Luxury vs. Premium – Seth Godin: The author of Tribes and Purple Cow defines in only a few paragraphs the difference between “luxury” and “premium” products – and lays out why it’s important for companies to know which category their products fall into.

How To Work A Trade Show – Vertical Response Blog: This article from the blog of a company that specializes in email marketing is a great primer (or review for experienced workers) of how to market effectively as a staff member in a trade show booth. Don’t miss the comments – they are also very enlightening.

Where Do You Get Your Photo Prints Made? – Scott Bourne’s Photofocus: Trying to get potential scrapbookers to print their photos has become a big industry challenge. Professional photographer Scott Bourne’s poll gives scrapbook marketers an idea where photographers who are printing are doing it.

From Where I Scrap – Monica McNeill: Designer and Library of Memories coach Monica McNeill had some very interesting thoughts awhile back about the need to connect online and local scrapbook retailers, and about the value of word-of-mouth marketing in the scrapbook community.

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