Former “Simple” Staffers Launch New Website

June 1st brought great news for fans of the defunct CK Media magazine Simple Scrapbooks: a large group of former staffers of the magazine has launched a new website to carry on the editorial mission of the magazine.

Write.Click.Scrapbook was co-founded by Simple Editorial Board members Tina Cockburn, Elizabeth Dillow, and Marnie Flores. Emilie Ahern did the site’s CSS design.

Also signed on to participate is a “who’s who” from Simple Scrapbooks: Aly Dosdall, Angie Lucas, Ann Costen, Autumn Baldwin, Beth Proudfoot, Carolyn Jolley, Celeste Smith, Cheryl Overton, Elisha Snow, Emilie Ahern, Erin Sweeney, Francine Clouden, Jen Wozab, Jody Wenke, Karen Glenn, Katrina Simeck, Kim Morgan, Lain Ehmann, Linda Barber, Lisa Dickinson, Melanie Louette, Melissa Kaiserman, Rachel Gainer, Rebecca Cooper, Sara Winnick, and Stacy Julian.

As Lain Ehmann told Scrapbook Update, “Write.Click.Scrapbook will bring some of the world’s best scrapbook writers and designers together in one place for inspiration and fun.”

According to their initial press release, the group plans to start with limited content and then grow the site in the future:

…the website will consist of two main elements: a monthly themed gallery of layouts from its members and a blog dedicated to all things scrapbooking, hosted on a rotating basis by all its members. As the site develops, it will grow to include reader challenges, sponsor giveaways, and guest interviews from industry experts.

Stacy Julian, the founding editor of Simple Scrapbooks, was very enthusiastic in describing the project to Scrapbook Update:

The philosophy that founded Simple Scrapbooks magazine is alive and well at the brand NEW inspiration collective, called Write. Click. Scrapbook!  It’s hard for me to express the gratitude that I have for the passion and dedication of Elizabeth, Marnie, Tina and all the girls involved–first to a simplified approach to scrapbooking, and second to the launch of this collaborative blog. Rather than wallowing in sadness over a closed door, they jumped in, got creative and have worked tirelessly to pry open a window. It is my hope that it will be met with much success.”

Angie Lucas, the former Managing Editor of Simple Scrapbooks, described to Scrapbook Update that Cockburn, Dillow and Flores are the ones with the real vision behind the site. Lucas indicated that her role will be as a contributor:

This project was the brainchild of Tina Cockburn, Elizabeth Dillow, and Marnie Flores, all of whom are former Simple Editorial Board members. They wanted a place to continue the kinds of things that were offered through the Simple Studio and the Simple Studio Gallery. I’m supporting them 100 percent and I’ll be guest blogging occasionally and posting layouts, etc., but I don’t have a hand in guiding the vision of the site. I’m part of the inspiration collective, but I’m not in charge. I love that these ladies stepped up to create a place online for like-minded scrapbookers, and that they’ve involved so many talented people in the endeavor. I’m excited to see what’s in store!

Write.Click.Scrapbook debuted yesterday with its first content posting, a blog entry and gallery of layouts from the contributors. Emilie Ahern described the site’s initial offering to Scrapbook Update:

Today is our official launch and includes an introduction to our site as long as inspiring layouts from each member of the Inspiration Collective (the team) on the topic of what inspires us to scrapbook.  It is a delight to flip through those layouts and be reminded of the many reasons why each of us choose to participate in this meaningful hobby.

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