Google Trends Continue Downward For Scrapbooking

It’s been nearly six months since the last Google Trends update at Scrapbook Update, so it’s time to take a look again and see what the search engine data has to say about scrapbooking’s popularity.

During the previous update, I noted the distinct worldwide downward trend in Google searches for the terms “scrapbook” and “scrapbooking”. That trend has continued in the past few months:

Google searches (the top sets of lines) definitely reached a peak in late 2006/early 2007. Searches for a term are generally considered a good reflection of consumer market interest in it, especially since many searches are shopping related.

The trend data for the “scrapbook” and “scrapbooking” search terms doesn’t look better if limited just to the U.S. searches:


So are “digital scrapbooking” searches replacing “scrapbooking” searches?

Digital scrapbooking search volume has actually been relatively stable (or even fallen in the past 6 months) worldwide, while “scrapbooking” searches have been falling. So it doesn’t appear that one type of search is replacing the other.


The same is true of searches in only the US for “digital scrapbooking”:


Essentially, searches for “scrapbooking”, “scrapbook” and “digital scrapbooking” have all decreased in the past 6 months. If this correlates to consumer market interest like would be expected, that’s not good news for the scrapbook market.

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