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CHA | Hero Arts Workshop

I was one of the lucky cardmakers who made it to the Hero Arts “It’s a Card Fest” workshop on the Friday education day at CHA Winter 2013 in Anaheim, CA.

During the two hour workshop we all got to play with some of the new stamps that are coming out this winter, and try some fun techniques with them. By the end, each of us had four beautiful clean and simple cards to take home.

Here are the stamps we used:

I was able to take some pictures as we worked. (I also made a video, but its going to take some time to process it and upload, so you’ll have to wait for that!)

Here’s a look at what we did!


The new background wood stamp is just perfect for making cards! I can see it being used on so many projects! For the first card we stamped this pattern in white ink on white paper – it gives such a cool effect.
cha-day-1-hero-arts-2There’s also a few new flower wood stamps, which are also great for creating backgrounds or stamping and cutting out and using as an embellishment (shown in another card we did during the workshop). These flowers were stamped on top of the white stamped pattern and turned out just great!

Here’s the look at finished card #1:

For the second card, we used clear stamps as well as the large background stamp:
cha-day-1-hero-arts-5For the third card, we used a printed card and turned it inside out so the printed portion ended up being on the inside and white paper on the outside. So fun!

As we worked on the last card I managed to take some photos of the process to show you the basics of how the card came together.
Everything for the card was pre-cut and ready to be stamped on:
cha-day-1-hero-arts-7 cha-day-1-hero-arts-8 cha-day-1-hero-arts-9 cha-day-1-hero-arts-9-1 cha-day-1-hero-arts-9-2 cha-day-1-hero-arts-9-3 cha-day-1-hero-arts-10 cha-day-1-hero-arts-11 cha-day-1-hero-arts-12 cha-day-1-hero-arts-13 cha-day-1-hero-arts-14 cha-day-1-hero-arts-14-1 cha-day-1-hero-arts-14-2 cha-day-1-hero-arts-15 cha-day-1-hero-arts-16 cha-day-1-hero-arts-17

It was definitely a fun class to attend, and I can see myself using these stamps over and over again on many cards for different occasions!

Reporting: Yana Smakula

Yana Smakula is a newlywed from Ukraine (which is in southeastern Europe) with no kids but two black cats. She loves to travel across the world and meet new people, discover new cultures and just explore. So far together with her new husband she’s been to a few places in Europe (Poland, Check Republic and UK), Africa (Egypt, Tunisia and Israel), Asia (China and Sri Lanka) and USA. Their next dream destination is Madagascar, because they hear the nature there is simply breathtaking! Yana fell in love with the U.S. while living here (in Las Vegas, NV) as a high school foreign exchange student when she was a teen. She enjoys scrapbooking, mostly about her travels. Her other passion is cardmaking – she enjoys trying new products and techniques, experimenting and creating in different styles. She’s also very much into stamping (although she didn’t realize it until she took a close look at her cards and noticed almost all of them use stamps!) To learn more about Yana, visit her website.