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Is Northridge Publishing Closing Down?

It’s a question I’ve been getting in my inbox a lot lately from concerned readers: Is Northridge Publishing closing down? From all outward appearances, it’s certainly looking as if the publisher of Scrapbook Trends, Cards, Cricut, and the Create Idea Books is no longer a functioning publisher.

The company, which was formerly a paper publisher charging $15/issue for each of its magazines every month, went fully digital beginning with the August 2013 issues of its magazines and began offering an all-access pass for $9.99/month that bought access to all six magazines’ digital issues.

The most obvious sign of trouble is that October passed without any magazine issues being published by the company, despite a production schedule for its magazines which calls for the publication of issues every month for all of its active titles. In September, Northridge published only 3 issues instead of its usual 6. The September issues of Scrapbook Trends, Cards, and Cricut magazines were all titled as “Best of” issues, largely featuring apparently recycled content. Continue Reading →


Northridge Publishing Shifting To All-Digital Publishing

[Disclosure: I have a professional relationship with Northridge Publishing as the Editor of Creative Retailer magazine.]

Northridge Publishing has announced that it is shifting all of its publications to all-digital publication, starting with the August 2013 issues.

Northridge is the publisher of Scrapbook Trends, Cards, Cricut Magazine, Cricut Magazine Idea Books, Create: Idea Books, Signature Series, and Creative Retailer. The company also published Bead Trends and Simply Handmade, but those two titles are being discontinued concurrent with the shift to digital publishing.

Northridge has been offering its publications in a digital format for some time as an alternative to print delivery, but as part of the shift to publishing exclusively in digital, the company will be shifting to a new digital platform. The new digital platform will initially be available for viewing issues via iOS and the web, with Android capability planned in the next few months. Highlights of the new digital format include the ability to embed video, slideshows, and animation, along with other standard digital issue functions like search, bookmarking and note taking. Continue Reading →