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Why Local Stores Offer Classes – And Why To Take Them

I did something this weekend that I rarely do: I took a class at my local scrapbook store. All the stars were aligned to make it work out – the price and time were right, I had childcare coverage, and I was really interested in the class.

The store also promoted the class on Facebook ahead of time. Actually, they asked fans of their store who would be interested in taking classes from a particular manufacturer. I signed up as soon as the class was a sure thing.

The point of the class was to play with a specific manufacturer’s product and learn how to use it. A local store does not need the manufacturer to come in to do this for them, but it sure did make it a bit more exciting to have a manufacturer visit this little-bitty town in the middle of a cornfield.

I wound up spending about $60 on product related to the class, in addition to the price of the class. I found the class to be well worth the money and the class seemed to work well as a marketing tool for the store to get customers to spend money on product, since I’m not the only one who left with an additional purchase. There were actually three classes that day from this manufacturer, but I could only commit to taking the first class. I left the class with a mini-book containing examples of ten different techniques created using the product. Continue Reading →