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Pinterest Inspiration | Circles

While looking through Pinterest a few weeks ago, one particular photo jumped out at me. It was circles – lots of circles. My first thought was that they were super-cute scrapbooking embellishments – and they are! But then I had another idea – to make a layout based on the circles.

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Pinterest Inspiration | Pops of Color

While looking through Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, I spotted some delightful bracelets that really intrigued me. The clean lines of the design plus the pops of gorgeous color drew me in immediately. When I clicked through to the designer’s website, the first thing she explained was that she was inspired to create them by another bracelet she had found on Pinterest. I love that circle of inspiration!

The designer of these charming bracelets is Katy, the owner and writer of the popular blog, Sweet Verbena.¬†Made of just embroidery floss, beads and hollow charms, they are beautiful in their simplicity. Katie has a full tutorial on her site found at Bracelets: A Tutorial and I can’t wait to make some. Continue Reading →


Pinterest To Change Terms of Use

After a building online controversy in recent weeks about the content of their terms of service, Pinterest has announced this week that they are changing their terms of use to address the biggest point of concern of users and internet content producers. The site’s new terms of use will go into effect on April 6th, 2012.

Controversy had been building online about wording in the site’s existing terms of use that stipulated that users were granting the service the right to sell content that they posted to the site. This terminology was making many internet content producers and copyright holders extremely nervous about allowing their content to be “pinned” to the site, for fear of it being commercialized in some way they had no control over. Many sites were installing “no pin” code restricting Pinterest from being utilized with their sites. Backlash against the site was growing and loud, to the point that it seemed the issue was causing the site’s popularity to fall as fast as it had previously been rising. Continue Reading →


Pinterest Inspiration | Designing on a Grid

[Editor’s Note: This article is the first in a new bi-weekly series from our new Contributing Writer Steph Vetne showcasing ideas and products on Pinterest that have inspired her creatively. We hope that you’ll find some inspiration from these ideas, too! — Nancy]

Like so many others, I am enamored with the wildly-popular Pinterest website. In case you haven’t ventured over there yet, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard – allowing users to “pin” images from other websites and collect them on virtual inspiration boards. It’s like having visual bookmarks you can share with everyone you know. You can also browse other people’s pins and “repin” them on your boards. It’s a limitless source of ideas and shared inspiration.

I often find scrapbooking and design inspiration from non-scrapbooking sources. There are patterns and designs everywhere you look – signs, paintings, color combinations, clothes, and on and on. Pinterest allows me to collect all those ideas in one place.

When I was trying to narrow down the many images I’ve pinned recently, I came across this photo and instantly knew that I wanted to play with this design idea.

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