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Pinterest Inspiration | Candle Display

When I was looking through Pinterest earlier this week, I flipped past this photo two or three times. I don’t typically use candles much once the warmer weather hits and it just wasn’t what I was looking for. But I did like the arrangement of the photo and finally decided that, although it might not be something I would typically use for scrapbooking inspiration, maybe I should try it. So come take a look and see what you think.

prize candle

The candle is an Orange Blossom candle and you can find it at Prize Candle – a company that specializes in soy candles that contain a prize inside the candle. What I liked about this photo was the way the orange, the greenery, and the blossoms all surrounded the candle on a circular holder. The small details just seemed to envelope the focal point and, even though the oranges are much brighter in color than the candle, the placement of them still allows the candle to hold center stage. Continue Reading →


Pinterest Inspiration | Doctor Who Poster

My kids are totally obsessed with the BBC television series “Doctor Who.” So I was searching through Pinterest for some Doctor Who t-shirts for them and came across a gorgeous, but very simple, Doctor Who poster. And guess what I thought of instead of t-shirts?! Yep – I thought scrapbooking inspiration!


This image is a poster, and also the cover of the DVD. You can find it here. I love the impact of the very simple photo with the title along the bottom. What a great intro page to an album this would make or an insert for Project Life or even as a layout. And to be perfectly honest about my inspiration, the poster also immediately brought to mind some of Ali Edwards’ layouts, especially the enlarged photos she uses on layouts and in her Project Life album. Ali is the master of adding just a few elements to an enlarged photo and the photo is instantly transformed into a layout. She has far too many beautiful layouts for me to link to, but you can see them on her blog at Ali Edwards/blog. Continue Reading →


Pinterest Inspiration | Scarf & Pendant

I usually browse Pinterest in the evenings and I almost always come away with more pins than I can count that I want to base a layout (and this article) on. But this week, inspiration seemed to fail me. And when it came time to write this article, I didn’t have any pins that I really wanted to use. So I turned my process around and started with a photo that I wanted to use. It’s a difficult photo to scrapbook because it has a busy background and is a somewhat blurry cell phone photo. I started searching Pinterest based on colors in my photo – browns and creams. And when I saw this scarf below, I immediately had an idea.

scarf Continue Reading →


Pinterest Inspiration | Linens

When it comes to design, I am always drawn to clean lines and uncluttered layouts. When I stumbled upon these linens on Pinterest, I absolutely fell in love with them. Unfortunately, they are from the Netherlands so I probably won’t be purchasing them but I was inspired enough by them to make a scrapbook layout based on their colors and design.

linens ad Continue Reading →