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Noteworthy | 12.16.2011

Inspiration is coming in 2012 – that much is clear from this week’s noteworthy stories. It is exciting to see that so many new opportunities for learning and being inspired are coming! I’m feeling confident that 2012 is going to be a very creative year. Lots of new classes are being announced, and news of a designer book series was revealed this week as well. Here are this week’s stories:

When the holiday dust clears and January is upon us, wouldn’t it be nice to have some inspiration from a great group of creative women? Nathalie Kalbach announced “Creative Jump Start Summit 2012” , a free event coming in January:

A group of wonderful, inspiring and creative women from around the globe in the scrapbooking and mixed media fields have joined together for the Creative Jump Start Summit 2012. We are coming together to tell you how we get back into the creative groove and how we get our creative juices flowing. We want to share with you to help you jump start your creativity in 2012.

The event is free, and more information and the link to register can be found here. Continue Reading →


Northridge Announces New Designer Book Series, Signature Series

Northridge Publishing announced this week that they are launching a new subscription book series in 2012 called Signature Series. Each volume in the series will focus on the work and style of a different papercrafts industry designer.

From an entry on the My Craft Channel blog, it appears that the Signature Series book series is a partnership with them to promote their show hosts. Northridge purchased My Craft Channel from founder Kristine McKay in October 2011, shortly before the channel’s official launch.

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The State of Digital Publishing in the Scrapbooking Industry

It’s a brave new world in today’s publishing market. The advent of miniature technological marvels such as the iPad, Kindle, Nook, and the myriad of other electronic reading devices on the market today mean that publishers have more diverse and immediate options for producing and delivering content than ever before. Newspapers and magazines alike are moving from traditional print media to electronic delivery, in some cases bypassing even web site content models in favor of delivering digital media directly to subscribers’ devices.

For scrapbookers, this new media outlet can be a wonderful place to obtain new content. Digital media doesn’t require physical storage beyond your computer’s (or device’s) drive, is quick to access, and in many cases is portable on certain devices. There is no current industry standard, however, on platforms for delivery and access of digital content, so scrapbookers should educate themselves on the available options before making a purchase. I’ve collected digital publication data for several major scrapbooking magazines and compiled it all into a handy reference that should help when making purchasing decisions. Continue Reading →


Northridge Publishing Announces Creative Retailer Magazine

Northridge Publishing announced last week that it will soon be launching Creative Retailer Magazine, a trade magazine aimed at crafts industry retailers and manufacturers.

Creative Retailer will be helmed by Kevin Nelson and Torrie Nelson, the former publisher and editor respectively of Scrapbook Business magazine. The pair recently left Scrapbook Business after selling their share of ownership in Scrapbook Premier, the magazine’s publisher, to their partner. Kevin Nelson will be Director of Trade Media at Northridge, and Torrie Nelson is taking on the title of Editor of Creative Retailer magazine. Creative Retailer will target the entire crafts industry, not just the papercrafts segment like the Nelsons’ previous publication.

Full details have yet to be released about the publication’s distribution and publication schedule, but representatives for Northridge have told Scrapbook Update that the company is aiming to launch the debut issue of the publication at CHA Summer 2011.

Northridge Publishing is the publisher of Scrapbook Trends, Cards, Bead Trends, Simply Handmade, and Cricut Magazine. The company is based in Provo, Utah and has 70 full-time employees.

[Disclaimer: This author was a regular contributor to Scrapbook Business magazine under the Nelsons’ ownership.]

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