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Monthly Tags | #13 – January 2012

It’s time for another tag already as I play catch-up with the Monthly Tag album! Now we’re up to January 2012, which was tag #13. I actually completed this tag back in February, but didn’t post it then because I was using it for another project – the Everyday Storyteller ebook! If you’d like to learn more detail about the layering technique that I used for this tag (and most of my other projects as well), check out that book!

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Monthly Tags | Tag #12 – December 2011

OK, I’m a bit behind on my monthly tag series, I admit…but I’m working on getting caught up! Today I’m bringing you tag #12, for December 2011. It was actually completed quite a while ago, but I just realized that I never posted it!

(In case you aren’t familiar with my monthly tag series, you can learn the story behind this album of tags by reading the intro article to the tag  series. You can also see the previous tags in the series by clicking on the Monthly Tag archives.)

Since  it was December, I went with a subtle holiday theme for the tag: red and green, and with a bird on a branch (a motif often seen in winter holiday design).

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Monthly Tags | #9, #10, and #11 – Sept-Nov. 2011

I’m a little bit better about getting my tags made for my ongoing album counting off the months that my husband is gone than I am about posting them here…so it’s time for a tag catch-up post again! My album is currently completed through November, and the December tag is in process, which means I’ll actually be caught up when that one is completed since the January one is just supposed to be done by the end of February. That’s pretty good for me on an ongoing crafty project!

Tag #9: September 2011

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