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Big Picture Classes Launches “Pro Press Releases”

Today, Scrapbook Update and Big Picture Classes are teaming together to announce something that we believe will change the crafts industry for the better.

Improving the quality of press relations in our industry has been a passion of mine for quite awhile. As an editor in the industry, I deal with too many companies who aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunities that might be available to them to promote their companies through media relations. This is unfortunate, since effective press relations is the most cost-effective marketing a company can use.

I know that many of our industry’s small companies are run by entrepreneurs who are wearing many hats at their company, hats that they may not have formal training to wear. I am in that same position myself, actually, with many of my own responsibilities as a small business owner.

To help these entrepreneurs, I’ve been looking for ways to provide education to the industry about how to best spread marketing message to editors like myself. At CHA Summer 2010 in Chicago, I was honored to be able to head a panel on Press Relations for Manufacturers.

Now, with the help of Big Picture Classes, I’m happy to be able to offer even more education to the industry’s businesses. Today we’re launching my class Pro Press Releases, which is available now on the Big Picture Classes website. 

Pro Press Releases is a self-paced BPC class, which means students can take the class on their own schedule and at their own pace. You’ll learn all about how to create professional and effective press releases, through audio and video messages and downloadable class handouts. The class is priced at $20, a small price for knowledge that is a large investment in your business.

Check out Pro Press Releases at Big Picture Classes today! Learn how to make the most of your press releases!

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