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Update | Ella Publishing Closing, Design Teams, & More

Ebook publisher Ella Publishing has announced that they will be closing down on February 1st. The company was co-founded in 2009 by former Simple Scrapbooks staff members Angie Lucas and Lain Ehmann, before being sold in 2012 to Big Picture Classes (which was co-founded by Simple Scrapbooks founding editor Stacy Julian). Ehmann left the company in early 2010 and was replaced by Wendy Smedley. Big Picture Classes was sold to Studio Calico in 2014, and as an apparent result of that transition, the Ella Publishing brand is being discontinued.

Ella Logo

The Ella website will disappear on February 1st, and has already ceased sale of the brand’s publications. Ella’s products are still available for sale through the Big Picture Classes website. until January 31st. Continue Reading →


Big Picture Classes Acquires Ella Publishing

Big Picture Classes announced today that it has acquired ebook publisher Ella Publishing Co..

Ella Publishing was founded in 2009 by former Simple Scrapbooks magazine personalities Lain Ehmann and Angie Lucas. Co-founder/CEO Lain Ehmann departed the company in January 2010 and was replaced as CEO by Co-founder Angie Lucas. Former Simple Scrapbooks staffer Wendy Smedley stepped into a management role at that time as well. Ella Publishing’s library of offerings currently includes 32 ebook titles on scrapbooking and photography, by such well-known industry figures as Stacy Julian, Renee Pearson, Rebecca Cooper, Courtney Walsh and Elizabeth Dillow. Former Simple Scrapbooks graphic designer and personality Cathy Zielske is responsible for the signature “clean and simple” graphic look of Ella Publishing’s line of titles.

Step Up Your Supplies: Get crafty with patterned paper, popsicle sticks and more (by Courtney Walsh) Continue Reading →


Noteworthy | 3.2.2012

2012 is a leap year, and with that extra February day behind us it’s time to look ahead, and scope out what’s happening this week. It’s March, also known as National Craft Month, so I advise be keeping an eye out for manufacturers and bloggers to get extra inspiring, and perhaps we’ll see an increase in contests and giveaways as well. I look forward to it. Getting the month off to a strong start, here are this week’s stories:

Ali Edwards released a new self-paced online class on her website this week. “Five” is based off of her workshop from Creative Escape last year and is now formatted as an online self-paced classs.

The cool thing about this workshop is that you can really make your album any theme you want: favorite photos from a specific year, photos of a loved one who has passed on, favorite photos from a travel adventure, a collection of photos that celebrate your life right now, etc.

The class is $14, and available for purchase on Ali’s website. Continue Reading →


The State of Digital Publishing in the Scrapbooking Industry

It’s a brave new world in today’s publishing market. The advent of miniature technological marvels such as the iPad, Kindle, Nook, and the myriad of other electronic reading devices on the market today mean that publishers have more diverse and immediate options for producing and delivering content than ever before. Newspapers and magazines alike are moving from traditional print media to electronic delivery, in some cases bypassing even web site content models in favor of delivering digital media directly to subscribers’ devices.

For scrapbookers, this new media outlet can be a wonderful place to obtain new content. Digital media doesn’t require physical storage beyond your computer’s (or device’s) drive, is quick to access, and in many cases is portable on certain devices. There is no current industry standard, however, on platforms for delivery and access of digital content, so scrapbookers should educate themselves on the available options before making a purchase. I’ve collected digital publication data for several major scrapbooking magazines and compiled it all into a handy reference that should help when making purchasing decisions. Continue Reading →


Craft Month Q&A: Tami Morrison

Today we are excited to bring you a Craft Month Q&A from Tami Morrison! Tami is a member of the Ella Publishing team and an instructor for Big Picture Scrapbooking. Her latest BPS class, Everyday Adventures, begins on April 15. You can also find her at her blog, Noodle Soup.

What was the first craft you ever remember doing? At what age? And what got you started?

Construction paper + paste, in Tiny Tots preschool. I think I must’ve been about 3. To this day, school paste is still one of my favorite smells!

Can you name all the crafts you have tried as hobbies?

It would probably be easier to name the ones I *haven’t* tried, but I’ll give it a go. In loose chronological order: paint by numbers, latch hook rugs (hello, 70s!), collage, Tulip paints on clothing (hello, 80s!), crafting of random objects seen in magazines (Christmas tree watering can, an assortment of wreaths and other holiday decor, embellished sweatshirts…), decoupage, scrapbooking, card making, handmade paper, painting, art journaling, altered items, paper arts, soap making, making hair bows & beaded barrettes, needle felting, sewing, embroidery.

What crafts do you currently do?

Scrapbooking and sewing, mainly…but I’m still a dabbler in many things, depending on my mood. Except for the Tulip paints on clothing and latch-hook rugs!

What other crafts have you incorporated into your scrapbooking?

Sewing, decoupage, collage, painting, felting.

What is your favorite craft & why?

Scrapbooking, all the way! It’s so much more than a single craft – it’s an opportunity to express myself creatively in a lot of different ways, but also a way to live an aware and appreciative life.



Lain Ehmann departs Ella Publishing

E-book publisher Ella Publishing announced today that founder Lain Ehmann has left the company. Co-founder Angie Lucas will take over Ehmann’s role as CEO of Ella, combining that title with her previous title of president. Ehmann had been CEO of Ella since it’s founding last year.

Ehmann is transitioning to the role of an “Ella Friend,” the advisory board that assists Ella, and will no longer hold an ownership stake in the company. Ehmann was previously a Contributing Editor at Simple Scrapbooks magazine and is the author of Snippets: Mostly True Tales from the Lighter Side of Scrapbooking.

Although Ehmann indicated on her blog that she is leaving Ella due to the pressures on her family of working in a start-up company, she told Scrapbook Update that her fans will still see plenty of her. She will continue with Write.Click.Scrapbook, her Layout A Day challenge, her blog, and says she may even revive her podcast. In addition, The Scrap Review announced today that Ehmann has joined their staff of reporters. Scrapbook Update has also extended an open invitiation to Ehmann to repeat her guest appearance from late last year.

Ehmann will also continue as part of the new Paperclipping Roundtable podcast that is in the process of launching, along with Noell Hyman, Angie Lucas, Ana Cabrera, and Scrapbook Update’s editor, Nancy Nally.

To help fill the hole created by Ehmann’s departure, Wendy Smedley is joining Ella Publishing. Smedley was the Creative Editor at Simple Scrapbooks magazine for eight years and is the author of three books: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Scrapbooking, The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker, and a title coming in fall 2010.