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CHA Winter 2012 | Stamp 2 Cut by Tim Holtz for Sizzix eclips

Anything with the name Tim Holtz attached to it is sure to create buzz on the CHA show floor, and the Stamp 2 Cut system for the Sizzix eclips is a perfect example of that phenomenon. The Stamp 2 Cut system consists of a set of cartridges and clear overlays for the Sizzix eclips digital cutting system that gives stampers the ability to create very detailed die cuts of images that are created using Tim Holtz’s popular Stamper’s Anonymous stamps.

Tammy Tutterow demonstrated the Stamp 2 Cut system for me in this exclusive Scrapbook Update video: Continue Reading →


Sizzix Announces Major Software Upgrade for eclips Machine

Sizzix has announced that it will be unveiling a major new software upgrade for its eclips electronic die cutting machine at CHA Summer 2010 in Rosemont, IL on July 27th.

The headline feature of the eclips version 2 software is a new feature called Print2Cut. The feature, which will require the purchase of additional software to use, will allow eclips owners “to use their home computer and printer to colorize, design and print any eclips shape that can be loaded into their eclips Machine for easy laser locating, positioning and cutting.”

“With our printing and cutting feature, there is no need for a new printer or proprietary inks,” said Denzil Quick, director of Marketing for Sizzix. “It’s compatible with virtually any printer on the market meaning you won’t have to buy an additional one. After all, why should you have to reinvest in something you already own?”

Speaking of proprietary inks, Sizzix is also adding a feature that will allow the eclips to use a Pen Holder (separate accessory purchase required) to “hold any felt tip or ballpoint pen to draw a shape.” Sizzix is clearly trying to claim a feature advantage in that area over the Cricut machines, which require the use of Cricut’s own proprietary pens in their drawing accessory. As an example of this being useful, Sizzix is suggesting using the machine with a glue pen for drawing designs and then applying glitter.

Another new feature for the eclips is targeted at cardmakers: scoring, which will work with the Albums, Bags & Boxes and Cards & Envelopes cartridges.

“We are extremely pleased about what the scoring feature means for crafters,” said Quick. “With reduced pressure from the eclips cutting blade, our scoring doesn’t rely on tick marks for folding, but rather creates a nice pre-scored hinge for easier-to-assemble projects with so many creative possibilities.”

Other new features coming in the eclips version 2 software include:

  • Rotation: Users will be able to change the orientation of shapes they are cutting to save paper.
  • Double-cut: If a shape doesn’t entirely cut, the machine can be instructed to run a second pass over the lines to ensure a clean removal of the shape.
  • Width Adjustment: The height or width of a shape can be customized.

The software upgrade will be available for free to owners of the eclips machine in the fall of 2010 at The process uses a USB cable to connect the machine to the owner’s computer (Mac or PC) to download and install the software update.

[Disclaimer: Ellison/Sizzix is a Scrapbook Update advertiser. This content is not an advertisement and is written &  published independently by the editorial staff.]

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