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DRG Sponsoring Free Marketing Webinar Series

Craft publisher DRG is sponsoring a free six-part series of webinars on craft marketing. The series will be led by marketing consultant Dan Ambrose, founder of David Fales, also of, and Jon Russwurm, DRG’s Internet/Catalog Marketing Director, will also take part.

DRG describes the purpose of the series as:

The Webinars, provided free to craft marketers, are designed to help business owners and advertising staff spend their marketing dollars more efficiently by better understanding how to measure, track and value a range of different Internet marketing tools. Marketers who are wondering where to start will benefit, along with those who have an established Internet marketing program.

The first of the series, Basic Internet Advertising for Craft Marketers, takes place on March 18th at 1pm EST. The topics for the entire series are:

  • March 18 — Basic Internet Advertising for Craft Marketers
  • April 1 — Internet Advertising Costs, Value and Measurement
  • April 15 — Search Advertising: How and When to Use SEM
  • April 29 — Building Your List and Gathering Leads
  • May 13 — Be Famous: Sponsorships and How to Use Them
  • May 27 — Online Word of Mouth: Social Media Marketing

Each seminar takes place at 1pm EST.

To get more information, or to register for the webinar series, click here. Space is limited.

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