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Valentine’s Day Scrapbooking Paper Lines Roundup

The scrapbooking world is emerging from a barrage of Christmas projects just in time to start crafting for the next holiday: Valentine’s Day! Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about what paper line(s) you’re going to use for your Valentine’s Day cards, since the big day of all things pink, hearted, and mushy is a mere six weeks away! Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to shop for your supplies and make your cards without feeling rushed.

After my roundup of Christmas scrapbooking lines went live here on Scrapbook Update, I received many, many requests to do a similar article for each holiday. I can’t promise that I’ll do one for every special day on the calendar (there just aren’t that many paper lines for Talk Like a Pirate Day, you know?), but when there are enough themed lines to warrant a roundup, I’ll be sure to post them to keep you all informed!

As with the Christmas roundup, I’m listing all the Valentine’s Day paper lines that were released either at or after CHA Summer 2011 and have scoured the vastness of the interwebs to bring you representative photos of each. They’re listed in alphabetical order, and, since there aren’t nearly so many of them as there were Christmas lines, I’ll also give a little commentary on each.

Ready to start seeing pink? Let’s get going!

Basic GreyKissing Booth

Kissing Booth is a mix of basic patterns (I spy doilies and herringbone in the mix) and sweet watercolor images. This line uses brown as a contrast color and is one of the few cream-based collections in the roundup.

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Noteworthy | 11.18.2011

This week has felt like one of review and preparation. From all of the reviews here at Scrapbook Update, to people preparing to take on big December and holiday crafting, and companies quietly working on new products and releases for 2012, it feels like the calm before the (holiday) storm.

Looking for a cute place card for your Thanksgiving table? Check out this tutorial from Doodlebug’s blog. I think this could be done with a rosette die (if you’ve got one), but I like how Stephanie used a scallop border punch to create hers. I think this would be great to use at a kids table, or even take the turkey off the placecard and use this idea as a homemade embellishment on your scrapbook layout. Continue Reading →


Trend Watch | Shades of Orange

From persimmon to peach, marmalade to mandarin…there’s a color that is not normally seen in my craft space that is invading my studio. That color is orange! In many shades, in various forms, this color I usually don’t play well with is not only invading the craft stores, it’s also working really well on my pages too!

While this is the usual time of year for shades of orange to make a cameo in my fall seasonal projects, this year it’s more than that. Paired with aqua, pink, grey, green, blue, and many more colors, I’m finding orange to be the perfect accent. Here are some of my favorite basics in orange:

Above: American Crafts “Nightfall” Thickers (Elm – Rust),  Core’dinations Tim Holtz Distress cardstock (Wild Honey),  Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Spiced Marmalade), Studio Calico Mr. Huey’s mist (Custard), Ranger Perfect Pearls mist (Mandarin).

Where is orange showing up in hot new product lines? Here are a few noteable places it has popped up: Continue Reading →


Trend Watch | Baker’s Twine

I’ve been scrapbooking long enough (and I’m sure that many of you have, too) to remember a time when “fibers” were all the rage. Whether brightly colored or muted, sleek or fuzzy, thick or thin, fibers could be found in almost any color and made with nearly any material imaginable. The fiber craze eventually gave way to the sleeker, more elegant ribbon trend, but recently a more sophisticated type of “fiber” has emerged as a new scrapbooking must-have: baker’s twine.

Baker’s twine can be purchased in massive spools (that are literally measured by the pound rather than by length) at baking and restaurant supply stores, but many scrapbooking and crafts manufacturers are producing this new staple product in both smaller quantities and a larger selection of colors to cater to those who need a bit more variety (and a smaller size) than, say a 10 pound spool of nothing but red and white twisted cotton string.

Some stores such as The Twinery have popped up in the last year or so and offer baker’s twine as either their only product or their main product. Twine from The Twinery is available in fourteen different colors with new additions occasionally being made (Stone, Buttercream, and Denim are the most recent new colors to join the lineup). Consumers have the option to buy The Twinery’s twine in either large 240 yard single-color spools or in a smaller sampler pack that includes all of the company’s colors in less expensive (and easier to store) 15 yard skeins.

Divine Twine is another all twine, all the time seller with a selection of twelve different colors. They carry both the traditional color/white twist variety of twine as well as a specialty “Air Mail” spool with a red, white, and blue color scheme. Divine Twine is only available in large 240 yard spools from their online store, though a search on Etsy turned up several sellers offering the colored strings in shorter length variety packs.  Continue Reading →


CHA Summer 2011 | Bella Blvd, Jillibean Soup, and Doodlebug Designs

I’ve got another collection of bright, colorful, and fun booth photos ready to share with you!

Our first stop on this tour is Bella Blvd, whose booth was full of playful designs and fun patterns such as those found in their Halloween line, “Too Cute to Spook.”


Bella Blvd didn’t miss any details with this one, even adding lightning bolts to their signature cloud paper.


Bella has new colors of chipboard alphabet stickers, as well.








I heard lots of good things about Bella Blvd’s new “Making the Team” collection out and about on the show floor. So many CHA attendees said they were happy to see a sports themed collection that featured fun colors and manageable patterns and that also wasn’t too masculine to be used for girls’ sports photos, as well.


While there aren’t any new shades of letter stickers for this line, Bella Blvd did make entire sheets of coordinating chipboard numbers to help with recording scores and jersey numbers.




“Finally Fall” is Bella Blvd’s happy autumn line, filled with bright oranges and turquoise contrasted against plenty of brown and woodgrain patterns.






Bella Blvd chose a nontraditional color palette for their “Christmas Wishes” line, mixing reds and greens with bright pinks and blues. The penguins are just too cute!








Bella Blvd’s “Sophisticates” line of basic papers and letter stickers was introduced at the last show, but I love it so much (and it’s been so popular) that I wanted to include a couple of photos of it along with the new items.



Bella’s also got a line of coordinating rubber stamps from Unity Stamps.



Jillibean Soup’s booth was directly across the aisle from Bella Blvd, so it seems like a natural next stop on our booth tour.

The summer-themed “Watermelon Gazpacho” is one of Jillibean’s new releases and is filled with bright colors and fun, homey icons.





The new “Apple Cheddar Soup” is a perfect line for both fall and back to school photos.



I absolutely love these buttons, and those letter stickers pictured to the right? Jillibean Soup has started printing those and all of their stickers and tags on matte paper instead of glossy!




Jillibean Soup’s “Christmas Eve Chowder” is another great nontraditional Christmas line from the CHA Summer 2011 show. Like in Bella Blvd’s line, pinks and blues are also mixed here with red, green (and penguins!) for an adorable result.






Jillibean also introduced “Homemade 6 Bean Soup” at this show. This line has a home-y feel about it and has a strong sewing theme.







Jillibean’s “Sweet and Sour Soup” is another line that is versatile enough to use for back to school or a variety of other subjects.



“Hearty Barley Soup” shows off what Jillibean really does best – kraft paper!! I’ve never seen a Valentine/love line printed on kraft, and I’m quite excited about this one!


Oh, and do you see that woodgrain paper? It actually has little hearts right in the pattern!



Jillibean Soup also has a great line of basics. These “Soup Labels” are going to be a huge hit with both scrapbookers and cardmakers.


And I really love this baker’s twine!


Jillibean has also introduced a new color (red) to their line of corrugated alphas, perfect for holiday projects.


And you can now purchase plain corrugated sheets, as well!



I’m very excited about these new chipboard alphas.


Let’s take one last look at some fabulous projects in the Jillibean Soup booth before moving on…








Doodlebug Designs built a Christmas wonderland right in the middle of the CHA show floor.



Their booth was so well done, in fact, that it won an award from CHA for Excellence in Exhibiting at the show!


One of Doodlebug’s strongest offerings this show is their line of basic embellishments. They really know how to rock the brads, buttons, and bling in every color of the rainbow!






Doodlebug has a new build-it-yourself card line, as well, and it sports their signature color palette in a variety of cards and embellishments.





And did you spot these little guys on the rack? Doodlebug is now making baker’s twine on adorable 2” spools!! I was so excited when I spotted these that I immediately grabbed Scrapbook Update editor Nancy Nally by the arm and dragged her into the booth to rejoice with me. [We definitely geeked out over baker’s twine at CHA! Keep your eyes peeled for an article all about nothing but baker’s twine coming soon on Scrapbook Update! — Nancy]



Look closely at the last two spools in this frame – they are black/orange/white and red/white/green combinations for Halloween and Christmas! So fun!


Doodlebug is also getting ready to release a new line of alphabet stickers in a baker’s twine pattern – be still my heart!



Doodlebug rocked the paper releases at this CHA, too. Their “Classic” collection would work well with any of their other releases.


“Santa’s Workshop” has one of the brightest color palettes of any holiday collection at the show, and super cute icons to boot.



Doodlebug’s “Colorwheel” collection combines bright, cheery colors with tight floral patterns.


And did you happen to spot the matching twine?


“Monster Mania” is Doodlebug’s Halloween collection, featuring bright oranges and purples contrasted with black.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this stop on our CHA booth tour. I still have hundreds of photos to process, and who knows where we’ll go next?

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In With The New – And Keep The Old Too!

Over the last few months I have been working on purging my craft supplies. As I dig down into the oldest items in my stash (in the time before I was a mom), I’ve discovered something unexpected and wonderful.

Despite all the change, all the constantly evolving trends and new paper lines, there are companies whose products from several years ago are not only still viable but that also still coordinate – and can be updated with – their newer releases. While you might think this would make them stale, instead I believe this gives these products an increased value. I also believe that products from these companies will continue to coordinate and work with future releases. Having a longer shelf life in stores and keeping products relevant in my personal stash is a great thing for companies – and I’d like to take a moment to mention each of them:

The first company I noticed this about was Jenni Bowlin. I still have stickers and papers from years ago that remain just as useful and wonderful as ever alongside her current releases. Not only that, but I sometimes purchase her older products even today because they truly don’t go out of style. Thanks to her signature vintage style, consistent color palette, and ability to create products that are useful and coordinate together so well, I am still just as in love with my older products from Jenni Bowlin as with the newer ones. Jenni Bowlin made the Scrapbook Update Top 10 Hot Picks list for this last CHA show, and it’s no surprise to me. Her products remain timeless treasures.

At the other end of the design rainbow is the always bright and colorful Doodlebug. Known for bright colors and whimsical designs, Doodlebug continues to reinvent the very definition of cute scrapbooking supplies. By staying true to their adorable roots, and continuing to produce products like the above pictured alphabets and buttons, they continue to add onto their lines and create coordinated products that aren’t trend dependent. They base themselves on a core set of colors and a cute aesthetic. By continuing to market fresh product designs with great packaging, Doodlebug manages to stay popular with a wide variety of scrapbookers – from those who simply enjoy their colorful embellishments, to those who appreciate the whimsical designs of their sticker and paper lines.

Finally, we have another CHA Top 10 Hot Pick pick from Scrapbook Update to talk about. I purchased the woodmounted stamp pictured above years ago, and I was delighted to see that this new batch of releases from Tim Holtz included that same image in both paper and sticker form. This is just one example of how Tim continues to keep his ever-growing line of products fresh, while not discarding past designs. You’ll see a lot of browns and creams and kraft, as well as metals in his idea-ology line. The colors not only make it easy to mix and match products from various releases, but also make them perfect to customize to your own preferences.

I like unique releases that stand alone as much as the next crafter, but these brands are ones that have stood the test of time here in my stash, and not only survived my purging efforts but also amaze me with how they still coordinate the older product with the new.

While I feel they are too young to say for sure, I believe there may be several other companies who will choose to follow this path of keeping older product relevant and somewhat coordinated with newer product. Specifically I have my eye on Studio Calico and the Girls’ Paperie, as I’ve been able to mix & match all of their releases so far. There are also companies like KI Memories and American Crafts that continue to release alphabet and general embellishment products that are not tied to any one paper line. This too is something special, as these products are easily mixed with whatever you have on hand or wish to use them with.

I don’t believe that every company can (or should) make coordinating products flow from each new release, but it is a welcome discovery for my budget, and my stash when a company produces coordinating lines. Knowing that some will, and that I’ll be saved the time and energy of trying to find coordinating things for their older products is a lovely thing indeed.

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