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Meredith Corp. Announces Scrapbooks Etc Magazine to Cease Publication [Updated]

Editor’s Note: Please note that this publication, Scrapbook Update, is a privately-owned website that is not affiliated in any way with Meredith Corp or Scrapbooks Etc. We are simply reporting on a news story affecting the scrapbook industry and are not affiliated in any way with the companies that we are reporting on. 

Meredith Corporation announced today that Scrapbooks Etc magazine will be ceasing publication after its August 2012 issue. The move has shocked industry observers, as the magazine’s circulation numbers have been the strongest in the industry over the past several years, based partially on its leveraging of strong newstand placement.

The announcement was made via a post by editor Michelle Rubin to the magazine’s blog. The blog posting said the closing decision by Meredith was made because “due to the longer term business forecast for the franchise and the industry, the corporation has chosen to cease publishing within this marketplace.”

The final issue of Scrapbooks Etc, August 2012, will go on sale June 19th and be available through August 14th. The magazine’s website will continue to offer content through that time period in support of the print issue.

There is no word from Meredith at this time regarding the fate of unfulfilled issues on subscriptions, but it is standard industry practice in magazine publishing that a publisher will either sell the subscriptions to a rival magazine title to be filled, or fill the remaining issues of subscriptions with another title from their own portfolio. Continue Reading →

Check Out My Ikea Smash Book At CK Blog!

Today as a guest on the Creating Keepsakes blog, I shared a project that I’ve been having a lot of fun with: my Ikea-themed Smash book!

K&Company Smash books are hot, hot, hot right now. If the fun designs have you wanting to try one out but collecting random scraps like they are designed for isn’t your thing, I hope my Smash book will broaden your ideas of what you can do with one.

To find out exactly how I’m using my Smash journal, and to take a look at the inside pages and the supply list, visit my article on the Creating Keepsakes blog!

Want to get Smashed? Visit Simon Says Stamp!


The State of Digital Publishing in the Scrapbooking Industry

It’s a brave new world in today’s publishing market. The advent of miniature technological marvels such as the iPad, Kindle, Nook, and the myriad of other electronic reading devices on the market today mean that publishers have more diverse and immediate options for producing and delivering content than ever before. Newspapers and magazines alike are moving from traditional print media to electronic delivery, in some cases bypassing even web site content models in favor of delivering digital media directly to subscribers’ devices.

For scrapbookers, this new media outlet can be a wonderful place to obtain new content. Digital media doesn’t require physical storage beyond your computer’s (or device’s) drive, is quick to access, and in many cases is portable on certain devices. There is no current industry standard, however, on platforms for delivery and access of digital content, so scrapbookers should educate themselves on the available options before making a purchase. I’ve collected digital publication data for several major scrapbooking magazines and compiled it all into a handy reference that should help when making purchasing decisions. Continue Reading →


CKC-Nashville Canceled, New CKC Locations Added

Creating Keepsakes has announced that CKC-Nashville, which was to take place Aug. 27th-28th at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, has been cancelled for 2010:

As you may be aware the location for CKC-Nashville, the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, has suffered severe damage from recent flooding. In working with our contacts at the Gaylord Opryland, it was determined that the facility would not be ready for CKC-Nashville and so we regret that we are cancelling the 2010 CKC-Nashville.

Since no alternative location was able to be secured in Nashville, in lieu of the cancelled Nashville event Creating Keepsakes has announced that it is adding two new locations to the CKC schedule for 2010:

Paula Kraemer, Creative Crafts Group VP of Events, told Scrapbook Update about the changes:

I was heartsick about the devastation to the Gaylord Hotel and the adjoining Opry building.  We have been going to Nashville since 2003 and I have many friends that experienced major flooding.

Kraemer and her staff are working with the affected vendors to transfer deposits to other events or refund them if necessary.

Registration had not yet opened for the canceled Nashville event. Registration for the new events in Cincinnati and Virginia Beach will open Wednesday, June 2nd.


Creating Keepsakes Publishes First Bimonthly Issue

Most subscribers now have in their hands the first bimonthly issue, March/April, published on Creating Keepsakes’ new 8 issue schedule for 2010.

For subscribers who purchased their subscriptions expecting to get 12 issues in a year, this issue counts as 2 of the remaining issues they expected on their subscription since Creating Keepsakes customer service is on record saying they won’t extend subscription expiration dates with the reduction in annual issues.

So, what did readers get?

First, let’s look at the most obvious feature – length. The March/April bimonthly issue is 122 pages long, exactly the same length as the February issue.

But an examination of the advertising content in the two issues shows what could be a critical difference. The February issue contained almost 22% advertising content. The March/April issue contained under 18% advertising content. This is great news for readers – they got about 5 more pages of editorial content in the March/April issue – but financially for the magazine, it means they had 5 fewer pages of ad income. Given that 22% isn’t a healthy ad percentage for a magazine, a drop to 18% is definitely a trend in the wrong direction. (For comparison, most of the recent scrapbook magazines that have shut down were closed when they were consistently reaching only 15% advertising in their issues.)

Moving past the numbers, looking at the content is more positive. The quality of the editorial content has been steadily improving. They’ve dealt well with losing several headline columnists and have greatly refreshed the look of certain sections. The March/April issue is the best the magazine has done in a long time. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of that.

Judging from the comments on the Creating Keepsakes Facebook page, the new production schedule is a hard sell with subscribers. Many of the comments about the change addressed to the company via Facebook are complaints from subscribers who feel they are being shorted issues on their subscriptions by the change. Many are threatening to not renew their subscriptions when they expire, although none appear to be outright canceling immediately. Creating Keepsake’s representative on Facebook have repeatedly referred questions about subscription extensions to the customer service department. They’ve also blamed the poor economy and slow ad sales for the reduced production schedule and the length of the bimonthly issue.



Creating Keepsakes Reduces Issues, Moves Customer Service

Creating Keepsakes has made official something close observers had suspected for awhile: the magazine is reducing its publication schedule from 12 issues to 8 per year.

The first bi-monthly issue of the magazine will be the combined March/April issue that will hit subscriber mailboxes shortly.

Creative Crafts Group will not be adjusting subscription expiration dates to reflect the reduced number of issues that will be sent to subscribers. Scrapbook Update has been told by reps for Creating Keepsakes that this is because the bimonthly issues are “double issues” so subscribers will still receive the same amount of content during their subscriptions.

The magazine has also moved part of its customer service operations to a new location according to Scrapbook Update sources. Subscribers who wish to contact Creating Keepsakes can now reach them via the following contacts:

888/253-0203 (US customers)

386/597-4387 (customers outside the U.S.)


The preferred method for contacting customer service should be via email.