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World Backup Day | Five Questions to Test Your Data Safety

Sometimes it seems like the whole world is out to get our computers. Fire, flood, power surges, hard drive failures, viruses…the list is seemingly endless of the things that can wipe out our digital lives.

5 Questions To Test Your Data Safety

As scrapbookers, we are aware of the value of our memories in photographic form and mindful of the careful storage of our albums and printed photos. Most of us, however, are not as diligent as we should be about the preservation of our memories – or our business records –  that are in digital form. World Backup Day is our annual reminder to take action to preserve and protect the records in our digital lives – before we learn the hard way that our safeguards are inadequate. Continue Reading →


Review | Crashplan Cloud Back-Up Service

We all know that we should ideally be backing up our computers regularly to an offsite location to prevent a disastrous data loss. But, admit it, knowing that and actually doing it are two different things…

Today is World Backup Day! Maybe it’s time to stop thinking about protecting your data, and start acting to protect your data, before something happens that makes you wish that you had. I’m glad I did, as you’ll hear in a moment.

I’ve known for a long time that I needed to get a better back-up system in place than just using Apple’s Time Machine, which is good but offers limited protection since it is a local back-up and was being done only intermittently when I plugged into my external drive. I needed something real-time and that was off-site. Crashplan had been recommended to me by another user of the service. But of course I procrastinated about actually doing anything about it, until Crashplan offered me the chance to try their service out for a review. I figured being offered a review of a service I had been planning to try anyway was the back-up gods telling me it was time, so I decided to give it a try. Here’s what I’ve learned.

What it is:

Crashplan is an online back-up service that allows users to install software on their computers that then runs automatic, real-time back-ups of their system to the Crashplan servers via an internet connection or another back-up location that the user specifies (such as to space on another computer on the same network). Offsite back-up provides superior disaster protection for data over running a local back-up since it protects data against damage that might destroy all data in a physical location, such as a lightning strike or building fire. Continue Reading →