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Four Reasons To Attend The Craft & Hobby Association Convention & Trade Show

Twice a year the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) holds a trade show. I first attended CHA in the winter of 2005 when it was held in Atlanta. I attended as a buyer, as an employee of a local store. I only attended one day, and the experience was exhausting. I remember seeing lots of new product, picking up catalogs, giving feedback to my store’s owner, and doing a few make & takes.

Each time CHA comes around, professionals in the industry have to decide whether they want to attend or not. This is a big decision, because it may be very expensive to attend (depending on needs for expenses like travel, child care, etc). Not attending, though, may cost a business customers or opportunities. It can feel difficult to accurately gauge how valuable attending is for your business.

While considering whether to attend CHA, you’re probably thinking about immediate, practical things like:

  • Do I have the time?
  • Do I have the financial resources to travel and attend the show?
  • Do I have the financial resources to travel and rent a booth at the show (if you are a manufacturer or supplier)?
  • Can other people cover my responsibilities while I am away? Continue Reading →

Craft & Hobby Association Announces Formation of CHA-UK

The Craft & Hobby Association has announced the formation of an affiliate in the United Kingdom called CHA-UK. The new association will be independently funded and governed from its American affiliate, and will operate as a not-for-profit organization.

This isn’t CHA’s first international partnership. CHA already has a Canadian affiliate called the Canadian Craft & Hobby Association (CCHA), which also operates as an independent non-profit organization. Continue Reading →


Craft & Hobby Association President Steve Berger Departs

The Craft & Hobby Association’s Board of Directors announced Friday that CHA President and CEO Steve Berger has departed the Association.

The CHA Board of Directors will begin the search process immediately for a replacement for Berger. While the search process is completed, CHA Vice President of Meetings & Expositions Tony Lee will serve as Acting President and CEO. No schedule has been set for the completion of the search process.

Steve Berger became Executive Director of HIA in 2003, before the 2004 merger of HIA and the Association of Crafts & Creative Industries (ACCI) that created CHA. He has headed CHA since the merger. In September of 2009, the CHA Board of Directors announced that it was extending Berger’s employment contract for two years, through 2011.

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