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CHA Summer 2012: Little Yellow Bicycle

I couldn’t go to CHA Summer 2012 without visiting Little Yellow Bicycle!

That’s me, Stephanie, on the right. On the left is Sharon Kropp, the owner of Little Yellow Bicycle. In the middle is my friend Kathryn, who taught classes at the local scrapbook store I worked at years ago. She is assisting at the show and does other work for Little Yellow Bicycle, too. While CHA is a lot of hard work, it also often comes with the fun of running into old friends. Continue Reading →


CHA Summer 2012: Canvas Corp

The Canvas Corp booth is always full of an array of useful basics for crafters of all kinds, but a few new things stood at CHA Summer 2012.

Flowers are huge right now and Canvas Corp’s line of popular canvas rosette flowers has been added onto with a new white flower, perfect for coloring with whatever ink you have on hand!

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CHA Summer 2012: Glitz

Glitz is debuting four new lines at CHA Summer. The new releases include Cashmere Dame (brights with black), Yours Truly (brights with grey and navy), Hello Friend (pink) and Joyeux Noel (muted red and green).

These lovely giant rhinestoes (yes, giant rhinestones!) come from their “Yours Truly” line, and have an MSRP of $4.50.

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