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What’s Hot at CHA: Lily Bee Design

Typically, walking the floor at CHA means cherry-picking lines that are winners, finding them scattered around the floor, one here, another there. But every so often at CHA a company knocks it out of the park, introducing a whole show release of lines that are must-haves and sure to be winners with consumers. Lily Bee Design has managed that rare feat at CHA Summer 2011 with their Memorandum, Harvest Market, Jingle, and Head Over Heels lines.

Memorandum (pictured above) is the first one to grab your attention. Each of the line’s 6 double-sided patterned papers have a reverse side that is an office-style print of some sort: graph, notebook, etc. These designs are quickly becoming staples in the industry, and paired with the trend-forward designs on the front of the line, which include damask, newsprint, and lovely geometrics in a trendy pale blue and red and yellow dominated theme, these papers make a statement.

Harvest Market (pictured above), the combined Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving line, is a versatile collection that is only themed in the embellishments, making the papers useful for a wide variety of projects – and markets. I’m looking forward to using the 6×6 paper pad of the collection to create masculine card designs with the geometric patterns in fall colors.

Lily Bee’s holiday line is Jingle (pictured above). This year they went with a traditional red and green color scheme for their holiday line, with touches of light blue like we’ve been seeing in many holiday lines at CHA Summer 2011. The small geometric patterns vary between formal and whimsical, and their scale will make them perfect for holiday card making using the 6×6 paper pad.

The final line, Head Over Heels, won’t be shipping until October 17th but CHA attendees are already clamoring for it. This love/valentine themed line features bright pinks and turquoises and black and white, along with trendy design elements like sheet music, damask and doilies. This line is going to find its way into a multitude of valentine’s day cards and mini-albums, as well as wedding and engagement scrapbooking.

The small scale of the designs in these lines’ patterns is perfect for the color blocked style that so many people are using patterned paper in lately. They can be cut up and the pattern still stays identifiable. Sized down to the 6×6 paper pads, they scale beautifully for use on small projects like cards, tags, and mini-albums.

All of the lines, of course, have accompanying embellishments and Lily Bee keeps it simple…and very usable and affordable. Their cardstock stickers, ABC stickers, and Index Journaling Cards all retail for $5 or less. The eight different alphabets, including some that are even patterned designs, on each sheet make the ABC stickers an especially amazing deal for a retail of $5/sheet. The cardstock sticker sheets combine several hot trends right now, containing banner stickers and sentiments for cardmaking. And all four collections are available as 6×6 paper pads that retail for $5.99. (Anyone who heard Paperclipping Roundtable #73 already knows how awesome I think Lily Bee’s 6×6 paper pads are!)

Releases like this one set the bar of excellence really high for everyone else. Like a perfect game in baseball, this occasional occurrence shows what is possible when talent, hard work, and inspiration intersect, and gives everyone else something to aspire to and a reason to push their game to the next level.


What Is Heidi Swapp’s Secret?

Longtime scrapbook celebrity and veteran product designer Heidi Swapp has something new in the works! The details are being kept under tight wraps for now, but an unmanned booth at the CHA Summer 2011 show gives the tiniest of glimpses into Heidi’s latest venture.


A looped video playing in the booth, narrated by Heidi, emphasizes memories, telling your story, and the rapid pace at which life passes us by but doesn’t go into any further detail.


Press materials for this venture are just as lean on specifics, focusing more on describing Heidi’s already well-known scrapbooking style and philosophy than providing concrete details. It’s the non-text portion of the press kit, however, that was most intriguing to the staff at Scrapbook Update – could these patterns possibly be part of the new product or product line that’s currently in the works?

DSC_7585.jpgA January 2012 release date seems to indicate that whatever Heidi’s latest project is could be debuted at the CHA Winter 2012 show in Anaheim, CA. Scrapbook Update will be keeping a close eye on this development and will, as always, keep our readers up to date on the latest news.

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CHA Summer 2011 | Tim Holtz

When Scrapbook Update editor Nancy Nally was making plans for our first morning at the CHA Summer 2011 show, visiting Tim Holtz at the Sizzix booth was (predictably, we know) the absolute first item on her agenda.

And it was, of course, on many other attendees’ agendas, too – just look at the greeting line at the booth!


Tim is an absolute rock star stamper, crafter, artist, and product designer whose ideas and personality are always a hit with scrapbookers, cardmakers, and mixed media artists alike.

And, like any rock star, he’s often asked for his autograph, which is why he spent the first part of his morning signing catalogs for his fans.



Tim is also an engaging instructor. Here he demonstrates his new Halloween dies by Sizzix.


And here Tim shows off his new Tattered Pinecone die, which can be used to create both a realistic-looking pinecone and a vintage style rose, depending on how the individual petals are shaped after cutting and on how the final product is rolled together.


Stamping on a Texture Fade plate with a Reflections stamp before using it to emboss? Genius!


When Nancy Nally and I departed the booth a while later, there was still a sizable crowd gathered around to watch Tim work.


Tim was at the gorgeous Idea-ology booth (complete with details such as these cobweb-draped chandeliers) for the second hour of the show to promote a number of new products being released this summer and fall.


The big draw at this venue was the chance to get Tim to personalize and sign an Idea-ology apron, so Nancy and I picked ours up and then patiently waited in line for our turn to speak with Tim again.


While in line I spotted some of Tim’s new District Market stationery line. I think that these kraft butterfly notecards are my favorite out of the bunch, and the butterfly tote bag is amazing, as well!



This booth has so many vintage decorations tucked into every nook and cranny!


Finally it was our turn to have our aprons signed. Nancy was kind enough to carry mine through the line so that Mario Rossi and I could hang back and shoot photos of Tim in action. Here he’s making sure he spells my name correctly. And, yes, I giggled.


A quick shot with Nancy before we scooted out of his way and let him get back to work.


Another couple of shots of all the vintage goodness.



Nancy couldn’t help posing with what’s sure to be one of the major hits of the show – Tim’s Kraft-Core cardstock from Core’dinations.


Tim’s Distress Stains (produced by Ranger Ink) are generating as much buzz at this show as they did at CHA Winter 2011 thanks to a bundle of new colors being released.


As always, Tim and the team at Ranger did a stunning job of displaying all the available colors in the product line.


Scrapbook Update still has more Tim Holtz product to cover as we haven’t even made it to the Stamper’s Anonymous booth yet and only had the chance to breeze by the Ranger offerings today. Thank goodness it’s a three day show – that means we’ve got plenty of time left to get the scoop and share it all with you!

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CHA from Home: Day 1

I may be at home, but I’m not letting geographic location stop me from enjoying CHA Summer 2011. I’ve been surfing my favorite blogs, websites, and Twitter today and I’ve collected my favorite discoveries, photos, and reveals right here to share with you.

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Where is CHA Summer 2011?

CHA Summer 2011 opens today in the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Which probably has you saying…where?

Perhaps it is a better frame of reference to say that we are at Chicago O’Hare airport. And when I say at the airport, I mean…AT the airport. Planes are buzzing the roof of the hotel every two minutes as I sit writing this, as they come in for a landing.

The convention center and surrounding hotels are very convenient to each other. I got a real close-up look at the venue from the air as I buzzed the hotel rooftops during my own arrival on Sunday.

On the left side of the street is the convention center, and on the right are most of the hotels. The short walk across the street is especially appreciated with the heat wave hitting the midwest this week that has the heat index well over 100 degrees each afternoon!

It will be a busy day for us inside the convention center today but we will do our best to bring you some highlights on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and then we’ll bring you full coverage this evening on Scrapbook Update!

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CHA: Making Useful Buys

Retailers shopping at CHA to stock their stores are searching for the best, the items and lines that will sell the best. But what as consumers should we be looking for? It is easy to get caught up in the hype and the glamour of fresh new product, but it’s important to stop and look at what will be useful, vs. what will look good in your stash. A few months ago I wrote an article about maximizing your budget, and today I will share some tips for what to look for in new products to help you pick items that will be useful and add something good to your crafting.

1: Beware cute packaging.

This one gets me every once in a while, but I try to be good! Sometimes the marketing is just brilliant and things are packaged up so incredibly cute that I can’t help but buy them! The downside? I get home, remove the packaging that was so adorable and I’m left with average product that I wouldn’t have otherwise bought. This isn’t true in every case – but before you buy that adorably packaged item, ask yourself what is inside that package, and if it’s worth it without the great wrapping.

2. Ask yourself how you would use the item.

This is key! Whether it’s paper or a new tool, ask yourself how you envision utilizing it. If I can’t think of at least three situations I’d use it in right off the bat, I don’t even consider it. If your answer is “oh I don’t know but it’s just so fabulous!” then step back, and do not buy.

3: What does the item remind you of in your own stash?

Sometimes, you’ve already got something that is similar, or that could be substituted out for this new product, and it wouldn’t actually add anything unique or special to your crafting supplies. If this is true, then you can skip it and go to something else. Unless of course, it reminds you of a product you’re constantly running out of, and the fresh look will be welcome!

4: Useful papers vs difficult papers

Paper is a big thing in scrapbooking (ahem, it’s the base of all my pages!), and if I ask most any paper crafter, it’s paper that they have more of than anything. It’s important! It sets the mood, it should enhance your layout and photos, and so much can be done with a sheet of paper that it’s arguably the best value you can get! That said, the cutest pieces of paper are not necessarily the best choices. Papers that look more like they should be framed, that you can’t envision cutting up or covering with photos should be left behind. I love a good busy paper filled with elements and bold design – but it’s not easy to use and I don’t use them often. Small patterns, repetitive motifs, and papers that have fewer colors are much easier to make work into projects that I love.

5: Easy on the themes.

I know…I get excited about themed product. Show me a stack of new Halloween product, and I’m squealing and grabbing. But wait! Just how much theme product do I need, and what should I choose? My first article here on Scrapbook Update was in fact about picking holiday supplies, and I also have a new series of articles planned soon that will showcase getting the best of the crop of themed supplies coming this fall!

My top tip for you though, is to look at the projects you’ve been doing. What “must haves” from 2011 that you purchased have you been using, perhaps even re-purchasing? What patterns of paper, colors, designs, and looks work for you? Also take a minute to look at the projects you’ve made recently and see what direction you are going in. While you might love a trend or look, will it work for you and your paper craft projects? Staying true to your own style and making projects that are uniquely you are the biggest trends in the papercrafting industry at the moment. And isn’t that great? Not only are the choices exceptional right now – but you’re also encouraged to do be your authentic self.