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CHA | Don’t Miss My Seminars!

Now that CHA Mega Show registration is open, I would like to invite you join me in my business sessions to learn about some important topics at the show (and have some fun too).

First up, on the Friday education day, join me to talk about a topic that is always on everyone’s lips at the trade shows: trends!

Trendspotting: How To Know What Is Next
Friday, January 10th, 9am-10am

Trends drive a large portion of what happens in crafts: color, pattern, style – even new product types. Learning how to predict, track and respond appropriately to trends is vital to a successful crafts business. But how do you know what is next, and whether you should follow it? We’ll take on:

  • Where trends come from
  • What the life of a trend looks like
  • Why you need to know your consumer when tracking trends
  • How to use sentinels to track trends
  • When a trend becomes a staple

Trends are a very important part of what I’ve done in this industry for nearly 10 years. I’ll share the benefit of my experience and teach you a way to read and interpret trends for your specific business. You’ll learn how to parse out the trends that are of interest to your company’s needs, and distinguish them from the crowd. Know what’s coming, and just as important – what is going.

And then on Sunday, take a break from the show floor to talk about a topic that I live everyday that could change your life (or your employees’): the 21st Century alternative office!

Home, Co-Working, & Telecommuting: The 21st Century Office
Sunday, January 12th, 10am-11am

Technology is changing the work world – and with it, the office. Now home offices, telecommuting, and the new philosophy of co-working are all new options for productive work environments. Whether you’re a large corporation or a sole proprietor, non-traditional work arrangements can be beneficial to your company and your staff financially and emotionally, and enhance productivity. Learn how to take advantage of these new options for your business – and manage the new challenges they bring.

  • Benefits of alternative offices – for employees & companies
  • Pitfalls of working from home – and how to deal with them
  • What are co-working and business location services, and how they can help your business
  • Tech tools for home offices & telecommuting

The introduction of technology to the 21st century office has brought to us a lot of exciting options for where our office can actually be. Whether you are a large corporation, or a small solo freelancer, these options can improve your business’s productivity and save you money. It can also bring rewards like happier, healthier workers.

After years of experience running my business through a combination of home office, coworking and telecommuting, I can share hands-on experience for everything from logistics to the psychological benefits and challenges.

I look forward to sharing these sessions with you at the Mega Show! Please click on the session titles above to learn more and register to join them!