Scrapbooking Blogs

Creative people are the thought leaders of the scrapbook industry – they design the scrapbook supplies, they decide what consumers get to see in scrapbook and papercrafting magazines and on high-traffic websites, and they are the evangelists carrying the love of this art to others and teaching them how to do it. If you want to know about scrapbooking trends and the future of the industry, the websites of its creative people are where you should be looking for it.

I’ve tried to assemble here as comprehensive as possible a list of scrapbooking and papercrafts designers, teachers and authors but if I have missed someone you think is important please let me know by emailing via the contact page.

Adrienne Looman

Ali Edwards

Alice Golden

Allison Kimball

Amanda Probst

Ana Cabrera

Angelia Wigginton

Angie Lucas

Angie Pedersen

Becky Fleck

Becky Higgins

Becky Olsen

Beth & Susan Opel

Betsy Veldman

Brandy Jesperson

Cath Edvalson

Cathy Zielske

Daniela Dobson

Donna Downey

Doris Sander

Elisha Snow

Elizabeth Dillow

Elizabeth Kartchner

Elsie Flannigan

Emily Adams

Ginger Nelson

Heidi Swapp

Janna Wilson

Jenni Bowlin

Jennifer McGuire

Jessica Sprague

Joanna Campbell Slan

Kah-mei Smith

Karen Russell

Katie Pertiet

Kelly Goree

Kelly Noel

Kelly Purkey

Kendra McCracken

Kim Kesti

Kimber McGray

Layle Koncar

Leah Fung

Linda Harrison

Lisa Damrosch

Margie Romney-Aslett

May Flaum

Megan Hoeppner

Melissa Phillips

Melodee Langworthy

Michelle Thompson

Rebecca Cooper

Sande Krieger

Sharyn Tormanen

Stacey Kingman

Stacy Julian

Stefanie Hamilton

Stephanie Howell

Stephanie Vetne

Teresa Collins

Tia Bennett

Tim Holtz

Valerie Salmon

Vicki Boutin

Wendy Johnson

Wendy Smedley