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Update | 5.12.2014: Echo Park, Ranger, Craftwell, Jessica Sprague, National Stationery Show

It’s Monday already? Where did the weekend go? The week is in full swing and we’ve got news for you!

It may be snowing in Colorado, but Echo Park is all in on summer with their new May releases!

Walking on Sunshine” is a summer vacation themed line, with lots of beachy elements like fish, palm trees, sailboats and beach balls:

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Update | 5.8.2014: Fedex, October Afternoon, Sakura, CHA PaperArts

Tonight is the annual NFL draft – a very scrapworthy moment if there ever was one for some proud football moms! Combined with today’s annual “Day in the Life” project by Ali Edwards, which encourages scrapbookers to record the normal everyday things about their lives, the two events make a good reminder of the importance of recording not just the victories, but everyday battles in our lives, and even the defeats.

Fedex has announced that effective January 1st, they are reworking the pricing structure on Fedex Ground. Previously, shipping on Ground packages below 3 cubic feet in volume was charged based solely on weight. After January 1st, the company will be going completely to “dimensional weight” pricing, where packages are charged based on a combination of their weight and volume.

This pricing change is being put into effect to combat e-retailers’ habits of selling large lightweight items with free shipping, or packing items in boxes that are way too large for the item and then filling the rest of the box with air pillows or other packaging. These low density, high volume packages result in lower profits for the carrier because they take up large amounts of space without generating equivalent revenue. The new rate structure is in effect a rate increase for anyone selling large relatively lightweight items and shipping them via Fedex Ground: yarn, batting, embellishments, albums, adhesive refills, to name a few. Continue Reading →


The Dark Side of Crafting for Public Consumption

There’s a lot of great things about having a creative job in the crafts industry. Most people tend to focus on them when asked about their jobs in this industry. Few of us acknowledge the darker side of being publicly creative: unsolicited criticism. It can come in the form of web comments, emails, forum posts, or social media or blog entries…but you can be guaranteed that it will come.

Learning how to handle that, how to develop a thick skin, is an important part of having a career in a creative field, be it crafting, architecture, dance – or photography. It’s from the field of photography that I want to bring you a wonderful lesson on how to sort through this criticism to find the nuggets of gold, and how to hold your head high in the face of it. It comes from the online show The Grid, a production of KelbyTV, which is hosted by well-known photographers Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski.

On last week’s episode #141, which they called “The Power of the Unsolicited Critique”, Matt and Scott talked at length about hearing that a photographer that they admire was considering quitting after getting an email criticizing her work. Their advice to her was inspiring, uplifting and touching (Scott even teared up at one point) and was a powerful lesson for anyone working publicly in a creative space. It’s definitely worth the time to watch, even if you never use a camera at all.

We’ve set the video to start at 7:30 minutes into the show to get to the topic discussed here but please feel free to rewind and watch the entire video if you wish.


NSD 2014 | National Scrapbook Day giveaway – Silhouette Cameo Accessories

We hope you’ve all had a great day today, sharing and creating…it’s time to go out with a bang on our celebration!

But before we go, one lucky Scrapbook Update reader is going to win a prize bundle of Silhouette Cameo accessories to close out our National Scrapbook Day giveaway spree!

First up in the giveaway pack is a brand new product. Silhouette recently introduced a cutting pad called the Light Hold cutting mat that is designed to work with lighter materials that could be damaged by their regular cutting mat.

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NSD 2014 | It’s a National Scrapbook Day Giveaway on Instagram!

Happy [inter]National Scrapbook Day! This National Scrapbook Day giveaway is the first of several we plan to do today! This one isn’t here on the website – it’s actually over on Instagram!

We post over on Instagram as NallyStudios, and we’ve posted the giveaway – sponsored by Silhouette America – on our Instagram feed. Make sure to follow and comment to win! And while you are on Instagram, don’t forget to visit the Silhouette America page, too, for lots of Silhouette fun!

Click here to go to Instagram to enter the giveaway!

Update | 5.2.2014 – Bella Blvd, Big Picture, CHA PaperArts, Fancy Pants, and more!

Happy National Scrapbook Day (early)! The year is flying by! May is already bringing us lots of news…here’s the Roundup!

It’s time for another Bella Blvd box sale! These sales are usually wildly popular so get yours while it lasts…the price is $48.50 plus shipping ($10 in the U.S.) for a box containing over $175 in Bella Blvd product. Visit the Bella Blvd blog to find out how to get yours! Unlike in some previous sales, this time around all the boxes contain the same items, and there’s only a 5% overlap with the contents of previous boxes, according to the company.

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