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Using Color Palettes to Inspire Your Layouts – Part Three

I’m back today with part three and my final post in my color palette series. In case you missed the last two posts, in part one I showed how color palettes can be inspiration for choosing products for your layouts or projects. In part two, I offered some ideas for not only using the color palette to inspire your projects, but to use the actual photo to inspire design choices.

In this final installment, I wanted to offer some ways that color palettes can help you solve common paper crafting dilemmas.

1. Adding a pop of color

Ever find yourself with a layout or project in progress that needs something, but you aren’t sure what? Try adding some flair with a contrasting color.


Image source

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Using Color Palettes to Inspire Your Layouts – Part Two

Welcome to part two in my series of articles about using color palettes to help you create scrapbook pages. In part one, we talked about how color palettes can help you make product selections. Today, I wanted to show how color palettes and the accompanying photos to help you make design decisions.

We all come at the design process from different points of view. Many people start with photos and select supplies that match. Others may get the creative juices flowing by opening up a new set of supplies. But what about something entirely different?

I am a big advocate of shaking up the process and approaching a scrapbook layout in a different way. I am a process driven scrapbooker so I understand that it can be easier to just keep doing what works instead of trying something new.  But from my own personal experience, I know that approaching the process in a different way can help you stretch your creative muscle.

Today, I wanted to try something a little bit different. I’m going to use color palettes not only to help me make color choices, but I’m also going to use the photo to inspire the design or starting point for some layouts in progress.

Three color palettes, three different layout designs

1. The rule of thirds

Image source

Image source

This image made me think of the rule of thirds. In the photo above, the bottom two thirds of the photo is in monochromatic shades, while approximately one third down from the top is a splash of contrasting color. I think this composition could result in a dynamic layout design. Continue Reading →


Using Color Palettes to Inspire Your Layouts (Part 1)

If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest (…like I do…) you will most likely have seen a variety of color palettes in your feed.  Beyond the obvious eye candy, color palettes can be a very helpful tool for scrapbookers and paper crafters. Not only can they provide a wealth of inspiration, they can also help you formulate design decisions.

Starting today, I am bringing you a three-part series all about using color palettes in your scrapbooking and paper crafting. In this first installment, we’re going to look at how a color palette can inspire your product selections using the gallon/quart/pint theory. In part two, I’m going to show how different palettes can inspire design decisions and in part three, we’ll look at how color palettes can help solve paper crafting dilemmas.

How color palettes can help with product selection

I have always been inspired by color and love coming up with cool combinations to set off my scrapbook pages. Back when I was still using a lot of plain cardstock on my layouts, I often used the color wheel to help me find cool combinations. As scrapbooking products evolved and manufacturers added more pattern papers in coordinating colors, I let the pattern papers guide my color decisions and left the color wheel behind.

But I’m starting to sense that there is another personal evolution starting. I want to be more involved in the process again. After seeing so many inspiring color palettes online, I challenged myself to come up with some fun ways to make them part of my process.

For my layout today, I had these two photos:

photos for palette

Green is the dominant color, though the shades vary between the two photos. The other major color is that peachy red flowers. Rather than going to my stash of products to randomly search for something that might work, I went to my favorite color palette site to search for some inspiration. Continue Reading →


Using Maps On Your Scrapbook Pages

I love maps. I love to look at maps. I love to decorate with maps. Physical maps, topographical maps, road maps, satellite maps – I love them all.

I don’t know what the allure is, but if there is a map or a globe in the room, I have to walk over and investigate. I like to see to see the spatial distance between two places, how far they are from each other, judging how to get from point A to point B and perhaps the most fun of all, pointing to a place I have never been and imagining visiting.

So I’m sure it won’t be a shock that I also like to include maps on my scrapbook pages!

I have scrapbooked maps I have saved from trips, like I did on this London Page.

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Using Project Life To Make A Spring Break Mini Album

As a user of the Project Life system, I am always looking for opportunities to use my Project Life kit elements in other projects. I do love the ease of a pre-made kit, but I also like variety and so I add in my own supplies to my Project Life layouts.  The result is that I always end up with plenty of leftover 3×4 and 4×6 printed cards that aren’t going into my Project Life album.

My nephews were coming to Florida to visit for Spring Break and I thought the Project Life Olive edition would provide a fun tropical color palette for a mini album about our adventures.

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5 Ideas To Help You Create A Layout Faster

Whether the kids’ activities have gone into high gear, you’re tackling that big reorganizing project, or life is just crazy in general,  there are times when we can get stretched too thin and our crafting time takes a back seat.

So how can you make the most of the creative time you do have? Give yourself a head start! Here’s my five favorite quick and easy ways to create layouts faster:

  1. Don’t recreate the wheel. Take a quick peek through your own gallery or pull one of your albums off the shelf. Find 3-5 favorite page designs and make a quick sketch of each one. The next time you sit down to scrapbook, use one of these pages for inspiration. You’ve already created the design once, so the time consuming design decisions have already been made.
  2. Start at the end. The next time you have a stack of scraps on your table from a project, grab a piece of cardstock or subtle background paper and create a Starting Point layout (a concept created by Shimelle Laine). Trim your scraps into different sized boxes or strips and arrange them to create a versatile background. Leave your Starting Point layout on your desk and the next time you want to scrapbook, you will already have a page just waiting to be finished with photos, embellishments and journaling. Continue Reading →