Etsy Launching New Craft Supply Marketplace Etsy Studio

Etsy has announced the launch of a new craft supplies marketplace, called Etsy Studio, that will open to buyers in April 2017.

Etsy Studio logo

Etsy Studio is being described as “a global market dedicated to craft supplies that seamlessly combines inspiration and shopping in one place.” Shoppers on the site will be able to buy DIY project tutorials and patterns alongside the supplies and tools needed to complete them. For sellers, listings for craft supplies will appear on both Etsy and Etsy Studio with the payment of a single listing fee, and sales transaction fees are the same for both sites.

At the same time as the Etsy Studio announcement, Etsy also announced the rollout of a new Shop Manager. This centralized dashboard for Etsy shop owners is intended to improve work flow for all of the important information to running an Etsy business, such as orders, buyer conversations, statistics, and other information that needs attention. The new Shop Manager will also include the ability for sellers to enter new types of information about craft supply product listings that make inventory management easier for sellers (such as SKUs) or shopping easier for buyers (such as color and dimensions).

The goal for Etsy in launching the new project is to create a one stop craft supplies marketplace, where consumers can find an entire spectrum of products from handspun artisan wool to the latest papercraft lines. With a promised 8 million products at launch, the Etsy Studio marketplace will be an immediate force in an online crafts market that has seen major retailers (such as Michaels Stores) in the industry struggle to establish any weight. Etsy Studio is also a direct counter attack on Amazon, which is a major player in the online craft supplies market. In late 2015, Amazon tried to muscle their way into the online handmade artisan market that Etsy dominates by launching their own “Handmade at Amazon” marketplace. Now Etsy Studio will be challenging Amazon on their online retailing turf.

Investors seem pleased with Etsy’s plans for Etsy Studio. The company’s stock (Nasdaq: etsy) is up over 60 cents since yesterday’s open before the announcement, pushing it to $13.33 at press time.


2 Responses to Etsy Launching New Craft Supply Marketplace Etsy Studio

  1. gabmcann February 16, 2017 at 3:58 am #

    Wow – sounds interesting!

  2. Jill Hayes February 16, 2017 at 10:38 am #

    I’m on the protocol test site now. We’ll see how it goes! I will say that sellers who get invited to do the test protocol will oddly see an increase in sales. I have no idea why but I have done every protocol with Etsy in the past and my sales during this period do increase. That in itself is a perk to give it a whirl. My only criticism is that this new launch does not offer a better and faster way to rearrange your listing in your shop, at least that I am able to locate? This is one issue that has driven seller’s crazy! I do like the addition of the colors and dimensions- especially for shoppers who shop on their cell phones and tables and have trouble finding or reading the item details. This is a big improvement! This new launch all sounds great on the surface, so we’ll see how it goes. I believe all this is to increase revenue for the shareholders. I am not convinced the separate website Etsy Studio is worth diving into. I think I will wait and see for results 6 months from now. We all know that Pattern was not a big success for them- most Etsy sellers knew better than to set up a website on Pattern as it was not being linked to Google and being found in SEO searches- so it was essentially useless for sellers to try to market through Pattern. I’m not entirely convinced that Amazon’s handmade market is truly competing with Etsy eityher or at least now that the free year of no Amazon selling fees is up that it is really profitable for handmade sellers? Would love to see you research and write about this for better data! After the initial launch Amazon listing and sales fees were implemented I heart that many seller’s bailed because the fees were so high.

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