Job | Apostrophe S: Strategic Innovation Specialist (Riverton, UT)

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Editor’s Note: This listing is interesting both as a job posting and for informational purposes. Apostrophe S is the new direct sales company that was recently announced by Stampin’ Up! and the job requirements in this listing provide a peek into the new company’s intended direction.

Strategic Innovation Specialist, Emphasis: Communications & Customer Care

The Company

Apostrophe S is a new startup company in the direct sales craft industry, to be launched this summer.​  The company is backed by a leader in the craft industry and has a plan for aggressive growth over the next 5 years. Since early 2013, the startup team has focused on customer and market  research to better understand the needs of aspiring creative women ages 18 to 35.​  Out of these investigations and inspired by a team of passionate makers comes Apostrophe S.​ We are a unique culture with a unique vision.

Who We Are

We are a no-pressure direct sales company that believes in making fool-proof projects at parties.​ Purchase a kit of your choice before the party, then make it together with your friends.​ No sales pitch ever—only fun!

Our Vision

Apostrophe S empowers everyone to become a maker—even those who may not believe it’s possible.​ Make It Yours!
Make Friends.​ Make Stuff.​ Make Money.


Gather with your girlfriends—or meet new ones—at an Apostrophe S party, where making (projects and friends) simply happens!


No stress, no fails, no headaches.​ Our all-inclusive* kits contain everything you need to successfully make a project from the moment you open the box.​ We’ve done all the work, so you can have all the fun!

*Kits do not contain household items such as: glue gun, iron, scissors, etc.​


If you’re looking to make more than projects, check us out! Apostrophe S coordinators have a flexible opportunity to make a little extra cash and earn points toward lifestyle rewards.​

Job Description

Job Summary: Responsible to generate and develop new ideas for a direct sales, crafting business opportunity through a strategic, but loosely structured process.​ Responsible for experimenting with and executing these new ideas.​

Additionally this job has an emphasis on developing communications, training and customer care support strategies that drive the business opportunity forward.​ The individual in this role will also fill a supporting role in public relations, and conducting customer interviews.​ This person should feel confident in sharing the Apostrophe S direct sales business opportunity with others.​

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Question the status quo and develop suggestions and ideas around this questioning.​
  2. Network with people inside and outside the company, inside and outside the direct sales industry, and inside and outside the crafting industry.​
  3. Conduct observations and record behaviors, actions, reactions, and comments from perspective customers and others within the target audience of 18–35-year-old creative women.​
  4. Synthesize learnings from networking and observation.​
  5. Make associations between trends, technology, customer needs, current resources and other seemingly disparate information to frame new business opportunities.​
  6. Structure and conduct experiments to test assumptions about new company direction.​
  7. Perform miscellaneous functions and assignments to maintain forward progress on established metrics and goals.​
  8. Assess needs to develop training and communication for product, sales, recruiting, and customer support.​ Determine the best method and media for delivery.​
  9. Develop customer support operations in terms of staffing, business processes, operating procedures, escalations and performance standards.​


  1. Experience working with and understanding needs of 18–35-year-old creative women.​
  2. Ability to function effectively in a highly interactive team environment.​
  3. Strong interpersonal skills.​
  4. Bachelor’s degree in communications, training or related field preferred.​
  5. Experience in the craft industry.​
  6. Experience in entrepreneurial pursuits.​
  7. High degree of initiative with ability to anticipate needs, make recommendations, and take appropriate action.​
  8. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with ability to interact effectively and professionally with internal and external clients.​
  9. Dynamic presentation, facilitation and communication skills preferred.​
  10. Strong composition and curriculum development skills.​
  11. Ability to think outside standard and existing business models.​
  12. Experience in market testing and/​or focus group testing preferred.​

Other Skills and Abilities:

1.​Ability to influence, inspire, lead by example and assume leadership responsibilities as organization grows.​

To apply for this position please click on the following link: https:/​/​home.​eease.​adp.​com/​recruit/​?​id=​9133181

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2 Responses to Job | Apostrophe S: Strategic Innovation Specialist (Riverton, UT)

  1. gabmcann April 25, 2014 at 7:41 am #

    Interesting! Good luck to all who apply!

  2. dottiej27 April 25, 2014 at 9:53 am #

    It is interesting but also a bit confusing. I did not know that I was an artistic dinosaur, but apparently I am since I am nowhere near the targeted18-35 age bracket. I guess training and knowledge don’t count for much compared to nebulous duties like synthesize, question, observe, associate… all performed dynamically of course. This might be the worst collection of resume double-speak I have ever read.

    But they have convinced me: no product this company markets will be of interest to me.

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