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Company Description

American Crafts is a fun, fast-paced (and growing) company focused on designing products for the crafting and scrapbooking industry. We manage multiple brands with products that are are sold in Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann Stores, and independent stores across the globe.

When some people hear crafts they may think kitsch, but that is definitely not the case at American Crafts. Our design team incorporates the latest in design, fashion and home decor into its work. We illustrate, design patterns, invent, and do a ton of creative problem solving.

Our products make the world a happier place — our customers love and are passionate about them. We foster an energetic environment where you can build a career and get to work with other creative and talented people.

Job Description

The Marketing Specialist will work closely with the Director of Brand Development to design, develop and execute retail and consumer marketing campaigns for multiple brands.  The ideal candidate would have a mix of strong marketing and design abilities.

Job Duties:

  • Ensure brand communications are consistent with brand positioning
  • Develop and manage monthly marketing calendars
  • Create and execute a social media strategy that contributes to the goals for each brand
  • Design and develop content for monthly newsletters
  • Design and schedule marketing emails
  • Design and manage the development of quarterly e-books
  • Design website banners, print collateral and advertisements as needed.
  • Evaluate email and social media performance and identify new trends and technology
  • Manage and promote online workshops and events
  • Upload images to consumer websites
  • Prepare marketing content for key accounts as needed
  • Experience with WordPress and basic HTML preferred
  • Maintain any other technological proficiencies that may be required
  • Practice honesty and integrity
  • Assist in keeping facility and work area clean, neat, safe and operating efficiently
  • Follow all established policy and safety guidelines in a drug free workplace
  • Present a neat and professional image
  • Assist in keeping facility and inventory secure
  • Follow company policies and procedures


Job Requirements:

  • Must have a strong working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Must be highly organized and able to work efficiently on multiple projects to meet deadlines
  • Must be able to quickly and effectively communicate through verbal and written channels
  • Any cross training in photography, video production or Web design is viewed as a plus, but not required
  • Must work full-time from the Orem office (no remote work available)
  • Pass a company administered drug test if requested
  • Demonstrate ethical standards and integrity


  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Marketing or related field


  • Internship preferred
  • 2-5 years in similar position

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to use hands on keyboard, sit for long periods of time, lift, reach, and climb stairs
  • Stand/walk for duration of work hours
  • Lift/carry/maneuver up to 20 pounds

Compensation:  $35,000-$45,000, Benefits include health insurance, dental insurance, IRA Program, Cafeteria plan, paid holidays, PTO

Additional Information

Here’s what the talented members of our creative team say about our culture:

Product development at American Crafts is fast-paced and exciting— I love getting to see my designs turned into real-world products on a regular basis. And it feels great to make fun, happy products that customers love. Richard Murdock

I can honestly say that I love my job. It’s amazing! I like that I get to work in a friendly atmosphere with lots of nice people. The best part is that I spend almost my entire day designing – and I don’t know that you always get that in a job. For a designer, it’s pretty awesome. Caytlyn Chilelli

American Crafts designers aren’t creating products for some stodgy old scrapbook. We incorporate the latest in design, fashion and home decor into our work. We illustrate, we design patterns, we do a lot of creative problem solving. It’s a really fun environment where you get to work with other creative and talented people. Amber Rogers

I like that the design team is made up of a lot of people from various educational and professional backgrounds. Having lots of perspectives makes for stronger work.  And everyone here is so friendly. Ayumi Trubshenk

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  1. donna c April 9, 2014 at 11:39 am #

    Interesting…that’s a lot of responsibility for not a lot of money!!! To think this is the salary range for a marketing /graphic design degree is crazy!

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