Ikea Expedit Being Discontinued


Note to anyone with a half-finished scrap room of Ikea Expedit products: Ikea has confirmed to various media outlets that it is clearing out the popular shelving system.

Ikea Expedit shelving, which is popular among many scrapbookers for storage of paper and other items, has apparently moved to “get it while it lasts” status. In addition to its popularity with scrapbookers, the news of Expedit’s demise has sent panic through record collectors, with whom Expedit has a devoted following.

The line will be replaced with a similar line called Kallax, which Ikea says has the same inside dimensions on the shelves and will fit all of the same accessories (like baskets). The outer case of the Kallax will feature an updated, thinner design with rounded corners that Ikea claims are more child safe and which will make the units’ overall size slightly smaller than the Expedit units on the outside. Kallax will launch in Ikea stores on April 1st. No plans have been announced for the specific pricing and configurations of Kallax units. However, at least one media outlet is reporting that there will be no 5×5 unit – especially alarming to the vinyl record lovers it is very popular with.

Several Facebook pages have popped in English and German to attempt to convince the company to keep the Expedit line.


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  1. Gab February 20, 2014 at 6:38 pm #

    Thanks for this Nancy. I might need to go and buy one more of the single column Expedits – I love them for storing albums and they hardly take up any floor space

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