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Fancy Pants DT Call

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We are looking for designers that do, in fact, love to keep memories, but in a variety of ways from layouts and mini albums, to home decor features and party planning.  The decor we create and the projects we make, even without photos, definitely become part of our memory keeping, so we want to highlight those creations as well!  Plus, we love that we can incorporate items like burlap, felt, linens and fabric to our projects– all while adding to the fabulous paper and embellishments that we produce!  

Think Pinterest, think DIY, think CREATIVE and that is what we are looking for!  We are looking for designers with a variety of interests and crafty creativeness to add to our team.  Anything goes!

Please email your submissions to ,with DT Application in the subject line, by February 20th, 2014.  Please include the following details:

Name and Location

Email and Blog Address

Previous or Current Design Team Experience {It’s okay if you don’t have any!}

3 of your BEST projects (of any type).  {These do not need to be high-res images, but large enough for them to be viewed easily and to highlight project components.}

{If you are able to use/incorporate Fancy Pants Designs products into the projects, that is great as it will give us an idea of how you interpret our products!  However, this is not required.}

Here is a quick list of FAQ’s as we aren’t be able to respond to all questions that can come up during the submission timeframe. If you do have a question you may leave a comment below and we will try to get back to you.

How many designers are you selecting?  We will be selecting approximately 10-12 designers for this year.  We’ve had larger teams in the past, but plan to narrow our selection down to better manage the team.

Can previous designers re-apply?  Yes, of course!  We love all of our designers from past years and hope they would want to apply again.

What are the DT expectations?  We are making several changes in our Design Team program, so the full details will be sent out to the selected designers.  You can then choose to decline. We ask our designers, once selected, to throughouly read our expectations in hopes that they will remain committed throughout the term.

How do I know if you received my application?  Our email server will allow for bigger emails to come through.  We will not be sending out a confirmation for every submission received.  The best thing you can do here is to confirm that you have not received a ‘failed attempt’ back to your own email.  Otherwise, you can assume that the email went through.  We rarely have a submission that did not come through.  We will also check our ‘junk’ box to confirm that we are not missing submissions.

When will the DT be announced?  We plan to announce our Design Team on/around March 3rd.

What is the term of the DT?  The Design Team will begin their term April 1, 2014- approximately April 1, 2015.

[For all the details on this call, visit the Fancy Pants blog.]


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