Project | Olivia Tattoos [Silhouette Promo]

Ever since I discovered in the Silhouette online store that they have Olivia licensed images, I’ve been dying to find a project that they are right for. My daughter loves Olivia – we must own every single Olivia book, stuffed toy, and video every produced!

The new Silhouette promo for the company’s specialty media gave me a great idea of what to do with the images – temporary tattoos! The house is decorated in top to bottom Olivia (or at least it feels like it at times), so why not the kid too?

Creating a tattoo with the Silhouette temporary tattoo paper is as simple as selecting a print and cut image (or making your own), flipping it to create a mirror image, and then printing it on the tattoo paper. When you are done printing, you adhere the adhesive sheet over the top of the tattoo print. Then you run it through your Silhouette machine.

After I did all that and peeled away the excess tattoo paper, I was left with these tattoos on my mat:

IMG_4636After I peeled the adhesive sheets off of the tattoos, they adhered using a wet washcloth just like every other temporary tattoo I’ve ever used.

Bridget was thrilled with the results!

IMG_4637The same basic technique (minus the flipping of the image) could be used with the printable clear sticker paper to make Olivia stickers (which I will probably do now that I know how easy print and cut is!). I was really impressed with the ease and accuracy of print and cut on my Silhouette in this project. I’ve seen it demonstrated with not-so-great results on some other machine and so I was pessimistic about getting good results (one reason that I hadn’t tried it until now despite how much I love my Portrait.)

It would be possible also to create custom designs with the tattoo paper – a really fun way to celebrate all sorts of occasions, or root on your favorite team!

Once again, Silhouette is running a great promotion on their machines, and this time the machines come with a great assortment of the company’s specialty media – tattoo paper, kraft self-adhesive, chipboard, clear sticker paper, printable cotton canvas, printable silver foil, and printable magnet paper, plus more!

If you already have a machine, you can get your specialty media for 30% off!

All you have to do to take part in this promotion is use the code “UPDATE” when you click here.

specialty-media-blogger-promoTo Get These Offers, Click Here & Use Code “UPDATE” at checkout!


5 Responses to Project | Olivia Tattoos [Silhouette Promo]

  1. slammie October 16, 2013 at 7:29 am #

    Cute! You’re a great mommy!

  2. Dria October 16, 2013 at 9:22 am #

    Love the “Olivia” we need “Eloise” for our house 🙂

  3. Annette Allen October 16, 2013 at 9:48 am #

    how cute…

  4. Susan A October 16, 2013 at 10:47 am #

    During the last promotion on your site I bought a Silhouette Portrait. I love it. I’ve made cards, mini albums and so much more. Keep wondering if I’m going to wear her out with all the cutting I do. I love the print and cut feature too and can use my digital scrapbook projects. Thanks for the promotions…

  5. Ruth G October 16, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    Oh, we loved Olivia at our house, too, awesome, inventive and creative books! Thanks for sharing this idea and how you did it! <3! My daughter's 14 now, so she's not really into Olivia anymore, but there are definitely lots of other ways to use the tattoos!

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