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I worked hard all week last month during “Week In The Life” at capturing a photo record of our family’s life, and since then I’ve been plugging away at assembling that record into an album.

I’m choosing to do this project entirely digital because I know that it is the only way I’ll ever get the whole thing done is by using the templates because of how slow I create. I’m using the Week In The Life Vol. 5 template set by Ali Edwards from Designer Digitals.

I started out my creating by doing all of my photos for my left pages, choosing which photo I wanted to highlight for each day.


For Monday, that meant this picture above of Bridget getting her IV inserted for her monthly treatment at the hospital. Why did I choose what is arguably not exactly a feel-good image? The choice actually goes back to my overriding philosophy for the entire Week In The Life project.

When I started doing the project and taking the pictures, my goal was to include the essential bits of our routine every day. But as I went through the week, it became apparent that I had way too many pictures to do that. I developed a plan to have “themes” each day. Some days are dominated by special events that happened that day. Other days are devoted more to the minutiae of daily life.

On this particular day, Monday, we had a big event: Bridget’s periodic trip to the Children’s Hospital two hours away from our home to get her IV meds administered. This is routine in the sense that we do it once a month or so, but it is still a big event in the sense that it takes an entire day out of our schedule. The meds that are administered also affect our lives in the time between our visits, as Bridget’s behavior shifts in response to the levels of them in her system.

So, for Monday, my theme was our hospital trip, and I chose this photo as being the most emblematic of that day. It shows clearly what a brave girl Bridget is getting her treatment, it shows all the stuff we haul along to make her comfortable (blankets, pillow pet, iPad), and it shows one of the wonderful infusion nurses who make the experience exponentially easier for the entire family through their care and concern.


For the left page, a lot of the photos of course are also from the hospital. Then I filled in with some photos I took in the evening after we got home.

I chose a template that would give me enough room for the photos I want but I ended up not having enough photos to fill it. So I arranged my photos in a balanced manner and then filled the remainder of the spaces with a white patterned paper – very neutral and not aggressive visually, but still gives some dimension to the spaces. (The patterned paper is from Katie Pertiet’s Winter Peony Add-On Paper Kit.)

I did make one change to the template on these pages. I changed the color of the title word “Monday” and the background of the title block on the right page to a bright pink that coordinates with my daughter’s wardrobe. I plan to change color schemes for these items throughout the album to add some personal style to the design. In this case, I left the chalk blue on the “This is our life” because it worked with several key elements in the photos, like Bridget’s beloved blanket.

Put all together, this is the result:


Most of my other layouts are about half-finished…I can’t wait to share them with you soon!

CrWF14_Scrapbook Update_380x380

3 Responses to Project | 2013 Week In The Life (Monday)

  1. Susan October 3, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

    I am starting to put mine together tonight. I love this project.

  2. Carolyn October 4, 2013 at 12:18 am #

    I love your choices. The template, the paper and colors. Where does the time go? I never feel like I have time to create.

  3. Jersey Girl Anne October 6, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    I love your pages and hope to see more soon!!!

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