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Organizing | Martha Stewart for Avery Chalkboard Labels

I love labeling things. If it doesn’t move in my office and craft studio, it pretty much has a label on it – file folders, boxes, everything. Usually I do these labels with my trusty Brother PT-1280 labeler, but those labels, while practical – aren’t exactly lovely to look at. (The PT-1280 isn’t available anymore – the new version is the PTD200.)

So I was excited to find the decorative Martha Stewart Chalkboard labels by Avery at Staples to try out for some highly visible label locations in my office and studio. I need to label the fronts of my Ikea Alex drawers because I can never remember what is in which drawer because they all look so much the same. The labels will also be a help to my husband trying to find stuff in the new office and studio arrangements when he comes home soon. But I didn’t want to ruin the look of the drawers with my ugly functional labelmaker labels.

The chalkboard labels are available in a half dozen different sizes and designs. I bought the flourish ones that are sized 2.5″ x 3.75″ and sold in packs of 12 labels, two to a sheet, for $5.99. You can buy four packs of chalk separately.
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