Archive | May 9, 2013

Huffington Post Says Scrapbooking Will “Never Be Cool”

The Huffington Post is taking fire from scrapbookers for an article it published on Tuesday called “8 Crafts That’ll Never Be Cool, Ever: Scrapbooking, Plastic Canvas, Rock Painting & More“. The article, by Brie Dyas, who is the Senior Editor of HuffPost Style and HuffPost Home struck a nerve with scrapbookers with its contemptuous treatment of scrapbooking and obvious lack of understanding of the hobby.

Dyas starts off in the introduction to her “top eight” list by calling scrapbooking “nerdy” and “sad”:

But there are some crafts that can never make the transition from genuine activity to ironic statement to socially acceptable practice. For example: scrapbooking. Like, I can’t imagine telling someone that I spent the evening scrapbooking, without it sounding sad. Even if my scrapbooks were irreverent and awesome. The activity itself is just nerdy.

Then on the list itself – which opens right off the top with scrapbooking – Dyas writes a rant about “crap” and “themed papers” while accompanying the item with a photo of a themed Disney kit that is representative of cutting edge industry style from 15 years ago: Continue Reading →