Archive | May 7, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration | Candle Display

When I was looking through Pinterest earlier this week, I flipped past this photo two or three times. I don’t typically use candles much once the warmer weather hits and it just wasn’t what I was looking for. But I did like the arrangement of the photo and finally decided that, although it might not be something I would typically use for scrapbooking inspiration, maybe I should try it. So come take a look and see what you think.

prize candle

The candle is an Orange Blossom candle and you can find it at Prize Candle – a company that specializes in soy candles that contain a prize inside the candle. What I liked about this photo was the way the orange, the greenery, and the blossoms all surrounded the candle on a circular holder. The small details just seemed to envelope the focal point and, even though the oranges are much brighter in color than the candle, the placement of them still allows the candle to hold center stage. Continue Reading →