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Trending: Gold – Part 1

Hi everyone! This is Ashley today, here to kick off another “Trending” series. For the next few weeks, we are going to talk all about gold! If you’ve ever read my blog, you are already well familiar with how much I love gold. But, it wasn’t always that way! I used to be a dedicated silver girl, and avoided all things gold. It just wasn’t “me”, and I just wouldn’t use it. But oh, how things change! Now I can’t get enough gold! And, there are so many golds to choose from: glitter gold, warm golds, yellow golds, champagne golds, brown golds, gold foil, burnished gold, shiny gold, and mirrored gold…

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Digital Trends | Wood Textures

Wooden and woodgrain textures have been a big trend in the paper scrapping world for quite a while. And they are now hitting the digital world in a big way. I found a large selection at almost every digital store I looked at this week. Let’s go take a look at some of the newest ones I’ve found!

The Lilypad

At The Lilypad, Lynne-Marie has released a full alphabet set, including uppercase and lowercase letters as well as a number set, all in a rich and natural tree texture. Also at The Lilypad, Allison Pennington’s new paper pack includes a beautiful, glossy woodgrain pattern.

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