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Monthly Tags | #13 – January 2012

It’s time for another tag already as I play catch-up with the Monthly Tag album! Now we’re up to January 2012, which was tag #13. I actually completed this tag back in February, but didn’t post it then because I was using it for another project – the Everyday Storyteller ebook! If you’d like to learn more detail about the layering technique that I used for this tag (and most of my other projects as well), check out that book!

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Digital Trends | Hexagons

Hexagons are showing up all over the web right now – they are some of the trendiest shapes of the summer. Let’s go take a look at just a few of the digital hexagon-shaped products that I’ve seen lately.


Oscraps has two products that focus almost exclusively on the hexagon right now. The first is a set of hexagon tabs from Paislee Press with writing prompts and word art. The second is a 12 x 12 template by Anna Aspnes – the hexagon shapes extend behind the paper strip and title, allowing you to fill the shapes with just images or a combination of images and papers.

Paislee Press Writer's Blocks

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