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[Editor’s Note: This author is a long-time member of the Designer Digitals creative team.]

Meet the Designer | I am happy to introduce you to a wonderful digital designer – Lynn Grieveson. I have been a fan of Lynn’s work for over five years and I hope you enjoy getting to know her!

Lynn’s Background | Lynn was born in England but moved to New Zealand as a child. Thanks to her husband’s work and her love of travel, she has since lived all over the world but currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand, on the side of an extinct volcano (yes, really!) with her husband and two daughters.

Lynn started her career as a television researcher and later became a financial and political journalist. During those years, Lynn started scrapbooking without really knowing it had a name. As she notes, she was just “making books for my eldest daughter with photos, glue and lots of journaling.” In 2004, after moving from Singapore back to New Zealand, she was stuck at home with “just a laptop and a napping toddler, so I taught myself how make digital layouts and have never looked back.” She started designing digital products in 2006 and is now a full-time designer of digital scrapbook products and greeting cards.

Totally Trashed the Office Paper Pack

Lynn’s Style & Inspiration | Lynn describes her style as “shabby and colorful.” She likes designs with “a slightly retro and homemade feel to them.” She is inspired first and foremost by her own photos. “I am still as much a scrapbooker as a designer and I scrap most days,” she notes. She is often inspired by the photos she’s scrapping and will then design a kit based on those photos. She is also inspired by old magazines and a lot of ephemera, including old cards, tickets and papers that she has in her office at home.

Pamela Kit

Worn Photo Edges No. 06

Lynn’s Digital Designs | Lynn’s digital scrapbooking products can be found at Designer Digitals. She typically releases two or three new products every Friday evening and all of her products can be found here. She also posts all of her layouts in the Designer Digitals gallery and they can be found here. Lynn’s favorite types of products to create are kits and multi-photo templates. As she says, “Probably kits are my favorite as I love seeing them come together.”

Garden Mystery Kit

 Fun Facts | Lynn’s favorite food is pavlova –  which she describes as “a meringue-type dessert invented in New Zealand (despite what Australians might claim) that my mother always bakes for Christmas and our birthdays.” Her favorite color is either dove grey or raspberry pink but don’t ask her to pick just one of those! And her favorite Friday night activity is “going to the arthouse cinema just down the road with my husband and watching a great British movie.”

Where to find Lynn | Besides Designer Digitals, you can find Lynn’s cards and some scrapbooking quickpages at My Publisher. You can read a lot more about Lynn on her blog that includes posts about her traveling, her personal life, some retro fun and a lot of digital inspiration and information about her latest designs. Her blog is aptly titled Notes from the Side of a Volcano.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Lynn Grieveson! If you’d like to suggest a designer for a future column, please let me know at or leave me a comment here.

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2 Responses to Digital Designers | Lynn Grieveson

  1. JillT June 28, 2012 at 8:20 am #

    As w/ paper, there is a mind boggling amount of digital products out there. Thank you for pointing out these beautiful products.

  2. Gab July 1, 2012 at 4:46 am #

    Being an Aussie, I’m LOL at the pavlova comment! Great source of controversy between our two counties!

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